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#22645 - 09/14/08 08:15 PM Change in weather = Change in presentation
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Now I'm not sure if this is purely coincidence, but it as not been as humid and warm here for the last week or so (yes it does get warm and humid in the uk!!) and I've noticed a change in our daughter's moiture levels almost immediately!! I guess it could be that she's going through a "dry phase" or it genuinely is weather related!

Have any of you experienced this? I know that humidity levels can affect the presentation of Ich, but how soon is this noticable? Days, weeks, months ....? Any top tips from experience of changeable weather conditions??


#22652 - 09/15/08 02:58 PM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: BritMum]
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For me the change can be within hours of a weather shift.

Here in the midwest of the States weather can change dramatically as weather patterns soar across the prairies with nothing in their way. In half a day we can go from warm and humid to dry and cold, or vice versa.

Sometimes my skin will notice the change while I'm at work, with no windows. The change can be immediate.
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#22655 - 09/16/08 12:02 AM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: BritMum]
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Hi there, my son is two years old and his skin reacts very quickly. Usually within two days of a temperature change his skin is affected. Good Luck!

#22703 - 09/23/08 11:28 PM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: BritMum]
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Hello we live in Rhode Island and weather is always an issue with my sons skin. As soon as it starts to get cooler or a little dry his skin changes overnight and within a day he has scales forming. They say that people with this skin condition do a lot better in warmer more humid climates. It is a battle every year around this time I try to keep ahead of it but no matter what I do it just takes over. All I can suggest is try a humidifier in the childs room at night add moisture into the air and try 100 shea butter it helps. Good luck...

#22704 - 09/23/08 11:45 PM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: jesse]
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I used to live in Indiana until the age of 10, then my family moved us to Florida and I have been in FL ever since (I am now 33). The humidity of Florida really has helped my skin. While we lived in Indy, the dry cool weather was painful, but we had to get a large humidifier (worked for the entire house) to ease the dry skin. The humidifier didn't totally ease my pain/dry skin, just made it bearable. The downside of living in Florida is the heat. Personally I can manage the heat issue much easier (Thanks to A/C) than the uncomfortable feeling of dry painful skin. :-)

#22714 - 09/25/08 07:08 PM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: Sally C.]
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The reaction to heat is dependent on what type of ich you have. Naturally, there would be aversion if you have great difficulty sweating. But some of us can sweat quite profusely living in hot and humid weather. Some of us NEED the hot weather in order to exfoliate the scales and sweat.

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#22870 - 10/16/08 01:02 AM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: jesse]
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Hey my name is Julie. We live in RI also!!!!
My name is Julie and I am the proud mom of 2 CIE children born with a collodion membrane. My Ana is 13 , GIovanni is 6 and I have a uneffected daughter Francesca who is 18 months old

#22871 - 10/16/08 02:24 AM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: anaronni215]
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We moved from Illinois a year and a half ago for Dakota he is 3 now and has Lamellar down to SW Florida (cape Coral) and it has been an amazing improvement. Being in High Humidity year round and all the salt water in the air and being able to go to the beach, has been such an improvement. Back north we had humidifiers going all the time but it really never made a difference. The only really true thing that helped there was to sit in the Jacuzzi twice a day for about 1hr each time, and we always added sea salt.
And no he can't sweat but we have a cooling vest for him and I keep lots of cold water and wet cold shirts to change him into when we are out doing stuff.

#22891 - 10/17/08 10:00 AM Re: Change in weather = Change in presentation [Re: shandra]

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Where do you get this sea salt for the bath?


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