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#22818 - 10/11/08 12:57 AM Important information (I hope)
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I and my family have suffered from hereditary ichthyosis for generations. My aunt had to wear bandages almost head to toe due to cracks and bleeding in dry winters. So what I have discovered has made a HUGE impact in my family.

1. Five years ago my wife's beautician gave her a jar of cream called Aquaphilic that beauticians use on their hands to avoid cracking with their hands in and out of soap and water all day. It is very cheap. $10 for a one pound jar. It is now sold by most pharmacies. A few stock it but others can obtain it in a day or two. It does not cure ichthyosis but it does resist water such that it traps moisture in the skin for a day or two. After a week or two of daily applications and my ichthyosis was GONE! It is 50% white petroleum jelly. Other ingredients are all very basic.

A jar will last a month or two. My dermatologist is also a researcher and medical school professor. He has sought a breakthrough cream for psoriasis, ichthyosis and other skin ailments for years. I gave him some Aquaphilic and he tested it against the best creams he has developed over 20 years of work. He was AMAZED to learn Aquaphilic is far better than anything he ever developed. He just presented a paper on it at a national dermatology convention.

There is nothing in it that can be patented so he is now selling 8 ounce tubes for $25 each to patients and wholesale to other dermatologists. Capitalism at work!

BUT - buy from your pharmacy and save the money. Walgreens, CVS, etc. They all sell it but they have to look it up and order it. No prescription required. Every beautician knows of Aquaphilic and most use it. Who would have guessed it is the answer to most skin problems! NO smell. I recommend the 20% mixture version but try the 10% as well. Read about it via Google. 20% is more "aggressive" in removing dead skin.

2. This will apply to very few people but it did me. It CURED my ichthyosis in one month. I was diagnosed with Wilson's syndrome and put on thyroid T3 medication. It raised my body temperature from 93 degrees to 98.6. That got my metabolism working again (I had Lyme disease and was very toxic but not now!).

Thyroid problems can cause unusual sudden mole growth. I had hundreds all over my body and new ones appeared almost daily. Within the first two weeks of taking T3, moles began to fall off or fade away. I now see only six! I had one the size of a golf ball on the back of my head. It is now gone! My dermatologist had me scheduled for surgery to remove it and could not believe what happened.

Within the last two weeks I noticed my skin becoming moist and NORMAL! It is now clear, moist and totally fine WITHOUT using Aquaphilic. I said this only affects a small number of people. If your body temperature is normal, you do not have Wilsons Syndrome (WS). Many thyroid doctors don't even know of this illness! They prescribe synthroid (100% thyroid T4) which makes it WORSE! WS is caused by your immune system being damaged by an immune system illness for a long time. For me it was Lyme which is also being cured but it took me years to find the answers. Write me if you have Lyme.

If a thyroid doctor does not know about WS, don't see him or her. Find a doctor who knows of WS. Have your T3 measured. Go to the WS Web site for the best source of quality compounded T3. I am beyond amazed. I used Aquaphilic daily for five years and it kept my skin moist moist but it did not cure the problem. T3 did!! But do not take T3 unless a thyroid doctor says you have WS and need T3. Even then it has to be taken very carefully (schedule, etc.). For more info

If your thyroid truly is OK (the standard thyroid test always showed my thyroid as fine as the test only tests T4) you can at least relieve almost all of the pain and appearance of ichthyosis, psoriasis and other skin problems with a very inexpensive cream (Aquaphilic). I know of no one with skin problems that Aquaphilic has not helped greatly. Buy plenty now as when a major pharmaceutical company buys the small Iowa company who makes it I predict they will raise the price 1,000 percent to match other expensive skin creams sold by dermatologists. TIGHTLY sealed in a cool, dry area, shelf life is three or four years. My wife is almost a hero in my family (father's side) for having discovered Aquaphilic and ending the agony of ichthyosis that rendered winters absolutely miserable for aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.. But not now! I would sometimes even wrap my finger tips in duct tape to keep the ends from cracking and bleeding. As it turns out several in my family also have low body temperatures and are now being tested for WS as well as Lyme disease.

This is major news for my family. I hope it is for yours!
Gary from Kansas

#22819 - 10/11/08 09:24 AM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: w0tm]

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Thanks for the advise cant wait to try it out.

#22820 - 10/11/08 01:59 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: w0tm]
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Wow! That really sounds promising Gary. Thank you and your wife for this info. My skin cracks open a lot, especially on my feet. The fall and winter is really bad on my skin so, that will really put this stuff to the test. I know that my moisturizers and petroleum jelly sooth my skin. But, I am going to try to find some Aquaphilic in the pharmacies near my house. I will let you know how it goes for me too. Thanks again for the suggestion! smile

(42 with lamellar)

#22830 - 10/13/08 04:12 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: wva]
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Hi there Aquaphilic sounds great, do you know if it is safe to use on small children?
Lufkin, Texas

#22877 - 10/16/08 06:28 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: Cindylou183]
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Hey Gary,
It is really a very useful information. I have a 1 month old son, who has lamaller ichthyosis. I would like to know more information about the solution you are suggesting. Did you mean to say that it is a cure and you dont have lamaller ichthyosis any more? I would like to call you to get more info. please give me your contact number and a suitable time to call

#22878 - 10/16/08 06:39 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: ananth]
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There is no cure for Ichthyosis. The original poster did not mention what type of Ichthyosis he had (not that I saw anyway) but it's very possible that his symptoms went away with regular care if he had one of the milder forms. Without care, his symptoms will return. In his case, he just finally found the right cream to help.

#22881 - 10/16/08 07:26 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: Angel24755]
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I second what Lisa has said.

#22886 - 10/17/08 03:43 AM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: Promiseland]
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I would also be interested to know if you can use it on children/babies. My son, almost 4 months, has lamellar ichthyosis.
My name is Morgan. My son Brandyn was born on 26th June, 2008 in Sydney, Australia as a collodion baby and has been diagnosed with lamellar ichthyosis.

#22901 - 10/17/08 10:38 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: brandynsmum]
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I am with Promiseland and Lisa on this, there is no cure for Ichthyosis...sounds like a pitch to me.

#22904 - 10/18/08 12:20 PM Re: Important information (I hope) [Re: October]
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Doctors here always saying there is no cure for Ichthyosis, even some dont know which type of ichthyosis it is!! disappointed
I'm just keeping the hope that there will be a cure one day..

Thanks for the useful advices..

For every evil under the sun there is a remedy or there is none .
If there is one try to find it.
If there is none .never mind it.

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