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#22304 - 08/09/08 04:56 PM Thank you from Dane's Mom
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I just wanted to thank all of you...Lisa, Jennifer, Shandra, Shannon, Les, Dawnn and Sarah for the package filled with priceless gifts in memory of my precious little Dane. I wanted to thank you sooner, but as you all know, the BB was down. I opened the package with my twins (Eric was at work) and all three of us had tears rolling off of our faces. The kids already named their stuffed animals and their stars. Cade named his star "Shining Dane" and Chandler named hers, "Nano", as that was what Dane used to call her when he first started to talk. The angel is gorgeous and is on our piano next to a picture of Dane. The journal is so special, and a place where I love to write about my little angel. Our whole family likes to talk about him incessantly...we love to talk about how wonderful he was in this life, and we love to envision the amazing life he's living now in heaven. The coin is so special, as well as all of your beautiful cards, notes, and prayers for God's grace, strength and peace at this time. I can't tell you how much the teddy bear with the adorable sweatshirt touched our hearts. I couldn't believe it...I knew that it was a picture of Dane's sweet little hands, but I'd never seen this done before. And he was looking at his favorite book, "The Three Little Pigs". We all just look at the bear and want to grab his tiny hands and kiss them. I know one day we'll be able to do this for eternity! Finally, the bracelet! I had to take a double take, as I saw Dane's adorable smile, but couldn't believe it. That's when my daughter just began to sob with me. Words can't even express how much I love this beautiful bracelet. Now, I can carry him everywhere I go. Just last night my husband and I went to an open house and it was the first time since Dane's passing that someone asked us how many children we have. I said, "Well, we have three children, one of whom lives in heaven, and two that are still with us." Eric proudly pointed out my bracelet, and said, "This is our little hero Dane". The man smiled and said, "Wonderful. Beautiful child, and I'm so glad to hear your faith." That whole experience was so much more satisfying for us, because we had these little pictures with us, right on my wrist. I've already had so many other moms ask me where I found such a beautiful bracelet, and I told them that it was a gift from my friends/family from the ichthyosis board. Thanks, Lisa, for giving me the contact information. I think she'll soon be getting more business from the San Jose, CA area.

My heart is so touched by your overwhelming support, thoughtfulness, and love. Eric and I both spoke at Dane's service. One part of my eulogy, I shared that on the morning that Dane passed (which I had no idea at that point how sick he was) I looked at him as I was getting him ready for his doctor's appointment and said, "Dane, Mommy's going to love you forever and ever." He just looked me right in the eye with his meaningful deep brown eyes and said with a beautiful smile on his face, "And Mommy, I'm going to love you forever and ever, too!", which was followed by a sweet little kiss from him. I'm so glad we had that little I will love him forever and ever, and one sweet day we'll be together again. Until then, our family has been strengthened and comforted by you. God bless you all!

With love,

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You just brought me to tears. I am so happy that we could do something special for you and your family! I just have to say that I love the names of the stars that the kids picked...especially so sweet! I know I said it before but you are a part of the family here and I do hope you stay in touch!
Lots of Love,


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