I just wanted to jump on here and say hi and introduce myself. I am, as you can see by my username, sweet Julia's grandmother and I am also CShell's mom. We met some of you at the convention, which we enjoyed very much.

As for fundraisers, we have been raising money for Courtney's friends' bike ride fundraiser for ichthyosis from NJ to Miami. I think we have so far raised close to $2,000. I am so proud of these 2 guys for doing this. Not only are they raising money, but they have had several newspaper articles printed about their fundraiser in order to raise awareness of ichthyosis. As for other fundraisers I can do, I am thinking, thinking. I will keep an eye on these boards for something that clicks with me. Great idea to do a board for the grandparents!


I GoodSearch for the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types.

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