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#21310 - 11/26/03 08:41 AM Song-Don't Laugh At Me
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Has anyone heard the song "Don't Laugh at Me" by Mark Wills? I heard it recently and it is a real tear jerker. It has a line in that says "Some day we'll all have perfect wings". I thought about attaching it somehow to this post, but I couldn't figure out how. If anyone wants me to email it to them, let me know.


#21311 - 11/26/03 04:09 PM Re: Song-Don't Laugh At Me
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My daughter loves this song. We bought the CD for her and she listens to this song about 10 times a day. She knows all the words to it and walks around the house singing it. She asked me if it was true and I said is what true. She then said is it true that one day we will all have perfect wings. I just wanted to cry. I looked at her and said yes it is true and that even though she doesn't have wings now that she is still my angel. She just smiled and off she went. This is a great song and if anybody wants a copy of it I would be more then happy to send one.

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#21312 - 11/27/03 07:13 AM Re: Song-Don't Laugh At Me
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Some teachers in the school where I used to work, went to a training that actually had Peter, Paul and Mary or at least part of them and they have remaid part of that song and use it in a sensitivty type training or no bullying training in schools. The schools who adopt and use this program base it on that song.

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#21313 - 11/28/03 03:28 AM Re: Song-Don't Laugh At Me
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Thanks Angel,
I didn't know this song, I found it on Internet and put here the adress of the site where you can listen to it and read the lyrics too. I love it.
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Best wishes, hugs and kisses to everyone.

#21314 - 11/28/03 05:13 AM Re: Song-Don't Laugh At Me
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Hello all,

Luciana i copied the text from you. Thank you! How are you anyway? and don't worry your english is GREAT! I never heard about the song before and i just downloaded it from the internet. I LOVE IT!!! Even i cry when i hear this song because the words are so true. Thank you Angel for telling us. Love to you all. Diane


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