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#20781 - 09/13/06 05:37 PM Swimming!!!
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I live in the great plains area and when it gets hot here it gets hot...i am 17 years old and i have EHK...i love to swim even though i am not the best swimmer...this summer while i was swimming i didn't realize that i was swimming for long periods of time, which helped my skin because it keeps it wet/mosturized...i went home and took a shower about a 15-20 minute one and just rubbed my skin, it all practically fell off in the shower...that has really never happened to me...and believe me i was very grateful for helped to clear my skin up more which made me more confident in myself...i loved now whenever i get the chance i go swimming, i love it [img][/img]...and all those years of summer without swimming...LOL...Hope that this helps someone else out there...remember what Dory said off of NEMO..."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" LOL i love that quote now!!!!


#20782 - 09/14/06 10:45 AM Re: Swimming!!!
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Great idea!! and so pleased you enjoyed. We are fortunate to have a pool at home (Australia) and granddaughter loves it. It stings when she first goes in, but she is programmed now by me, to think the "sting' is because it is cold. Mind over matter helps her. She doesn't know any different, it is normal for her. She loves the beach too, the sand helps exfoliate and the ocean is salty which is awesome.
I tried the "float tank"....which is like the dead sea, you can't sink at all in it. Tremendous feeling of relaxation and full of minerals. But not sure how the place would react to the appearance of granddaughters skin. Will have to check that out first. Thanks for sharing, you sound so happy Nemo! [img][/img]

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Swimming is a good idea for the weight loss and fitness improvement.
You should do it along with other cardio exercises on daily basis.
Swimming is also good for the skin health, it keeps the skin fresh and wet.
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I'm so happy to hear that your skin is doing so well!

My 4 month old baby has EHK. We would love to take her into the pool next month when we go to Florida. Her skin turns white in the bathtub, so I'm not sure what will happen in the pool. Does the water change the colour of your skin's appearance? Do you prep your skin before swimming? Does the chlorinated water sting your skin? We'd appreciate hearing what kinds of things we can do to help make it more pleasant. We are going to start her in parent and tot swimming lessons soon as well.

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alexasmom,how's the baby?sorry I didn't see your post sooner.I haven't been on this site in many has really grown.I'm sure your reading up on how to take care of your baby.long baths are really good for our skin.Get a humidifier for your home.Keeping the air moist helps.I live in New York.The winters are tough on my skin.

As far as swimming goes,the clorinated water does not hurt.

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I hope somebody can still benefit from my answer, but either way I am giving my two cents smile.

The stinging problem really depends on a lot of factors for example what kind of water your kid swims in or how fast she gets used to it. Salt water is always great for people with ichthyose, but it is also the water that stings the most. When I was a child, my mum needed to force me to take my salt bath because I was so afraid of the water hurting my open wounds. Even as a healthy person you might know what I'm talking about if you'ver ever swom in the ocean with an open wound.
I can second stc's opinion about clorinated water, it doesn't sting, but you should always shower your kid thoroughly afterwards because it makes the skin dry and itchy.

The second factor is scratching. If you skin feels itchy, you wil scratch it, but if you have ichthyose this itch might very well turn bloody because you scratch too much. Especially kids have problems dealing with that. It's like having the chickenpocks. You know you shouldn't scratch yourself, but you still can't help it. Those scratchmarks are often the ones that hurt the most in the water.

As a basic rule, if your kid feels that the water is unbearable, you will notice it. My mum told me that I was vocal enough about it even when I couldn't speak. After some time she knew exactly when I really couldn't take it and when I was just throwing a tantrum. Just start with a small body part, like an arm or a leg, to test the water so to speak wink.

In general, I can only stress: Water is GREAT!!!! I absolutly love taking baths, swiming ot showering. My skin doesn't feel dry in water and when I was a kid, the water was also the only place where I truly felt in my element. My skin felt normal and didn't really look all that different from the other kids (especially under water). It's also a good form of sport (as already mentioned) because sweating and clothes are not really an issue. So try to let your kid get used to water as early as possible.
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