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#20611 - 07/23/02 12:49 PM Im new
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Hi guys!
My name is Megan and Im almost 18, love to draw, musik, dance....
I was born with Nethertons and have just had experiences with living at a host family in the U.S.A who did not know anything about Nethertons and would like to share my expieriences with others. I would love to have contact with others eventhough this is something verz new to me. Hope to hear from you.Bye!
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#20612 - 01/28/03 11:30 PM Re: Im new
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Hi megan
My name is Kaveh from Iran and 30 old.
I have Ichthyosis . I want to dilog and chating with new frind like u if u want .
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#20613 - 01/30/03 02:29 AM Re: Im new
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Hi!!! I am Katie and I'm 18 and I also love art and drawing. I am going off to college next fall and plan to major in it. I have Lamellar and heres a random fact..I dated a boy in saw that you were from utah) I met him at teen camp for teens with skin disorders. He has alopecia..which is when you don't have hair. Do you know anthing about the camp? because it would be a great experience...and it doesnt cost anything..its all paid for by the American Dermatology association...its for a week and your surrounded by others like you. there are soo many people there with ichthyosis and I think at least 2 others with being my best friend! Anywho..if you want more info I'd be happy to give it to you and i'd love to meet you. I'd love to chat and you can email me anytime. email-
AOL INSTANT MESSENGER- Tayzlilkd and its the same on yahoo if you have either.

#20614 - 05/04/03 08:44 PM Re: Im new
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welcome to the boards! I also love art and am going to art school next year

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