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#20468 - 01/28/08 10:18 AM easy way to break a sweat
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Well, this way works for me. Not sure what type of itch I have since they lost my specimen after I did the skin biopsy (doing another one later on in Feb). I can sweat but I do find I get prickly itch if I work out after not working out for a while. I've had an exercise ball for a while but I just started using it again to sit on to replace my computer chair. I find that sitting on the exercise ball helps me break a sweat. The ball makes my butt warm and humid and I've noticed the skin on my butt looks better than the skin around it. Anyway, I know this is kinda weird but I thought I would share it with you guys. Maybe it might help you break a sweat for those who are having a hard time.

#20469 - 02/05/08 10:34 PM Re: easy way to break a sweat
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Thanks for sharing the tip. There are a lot of ways.

I used to live in Southern Cal myself and there would be weeks in the hottest part of the summer when the scales would be almost completely gone due to the weather. I am in a warmer location now year-round but have to fight the effect of air conditioning at work. Got into a routine of sitting out in my car parked in the sun for five to fifteen minutes at lunch time, with the windows up, to break a sweat.
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i had trouble at school because of the air and the lights. Also they still used chalk when I was going that didn't help at all. I have a light case but I was told not to exercise cause my body couldn't breathe due to lack of sweating. I work out alot and do alot of running. I know I can't push my body to far because I will over heat. I try to balance it out but I due sweat in certain places really fast. My head is the first, hands, feet, and crevaces. I always mositure up first to make sure i stay loose. If i work out at asteady pace i start to sweat everywhere but i can still over heat. I guess I just have to have the medium of not over doing it.


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