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#20457 - 10/28/07 10:56 PM Exfoliating "gloves"
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When my daughter visited us on hoilday she offered me a pair of "exfoliating gloves". Being a nurse involved with patients who have Ich. I thought they may be of use to them...hey presto...what a success....Using a soap alternative, we gently massaged the skin of a patient, much to his relief...the scales easily came off and his skin felt almost normal he told us....These gloves are like any normal gloves but with a slightly abrasive material and can be bought in Australia for $1 a pair....I am trying to get more of them...hope they can can help try them.

#20458 - 10/30/07 12:05 AM Re: Exfoliating "gloves"
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That sounds like something well worth trying. Currently I use scouring pads on my skin. It may sound crazy and it does hurt. But, it actually helps. I think I will check online and see if I see any exfoliating gloves that I may be able to order here in the United States. It would be worth checking out. Thanks for the info.

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They are pretty nice. We have a pair that we use on Nathan.

I know one other lady here that uses scouring pads, too - not steel wool with the soap in it, but those . green pads that look like the underside of a scrubber sponge. She likes them because you can throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine and reuse them.

Another thing we use is a creamy bath scrub with ground up walnut shell bits in it, plus 2% salicylic acid. Locally, they sell it as St Ives Apricot Scrub . The one with the blue label has the sal acid in it; the orange label does not.
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I thought I'd throw another option out there (b/c Ethan had so much fun growing them anyway)

We are using loofahs (luffa gourds!) They were easy & fun to grow [img][/img] They are a little softer than the scouring pads or exfoliating gloves & seem to work better for us.

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Here to add.. That may be my mom you know that uses green scouring pads. Karen..

I use em too, with a combination of kitchen sponges for the more sensative parts. Scrubs don't work as well for me, but salt in the water does... or the beach that's awesome for my skin if I'm in the water for an hour or two.

Afterwards I use either regular generic Vasaline, (cheap $$ store kind) or Bath and Body Works "lay it on thick" with shea butter mixed with another similar smelling lotion to stretch it out longer. it works GREAT
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