From: Cliff Beckwith <spinner@u...>
Date: Wed Mar 29, 2000 8:03pm
Subject: Re: visit


I have been asked different times about how to take flaxseed oil. I will
simply tell what we have tried and learned since June 1991. We were
basically on our own and still are.

Dr. Budwig latest recommendations are one tablespoon of oil per hundred
pounds body weight for maintenance of the needed Omega 3 and more to
overcome existing problems. The oil must be cold-press organic liquid not caps. We have seen best results with at least two
tablespoons beyond maintenance where cancer exists. She suggests at least a
half cup of cottage cheese per day. I have used three fourths of a cup. I
mix it in the morning, add fruit to give it a good taste and eat part of it
two or three times per day.

Let me insert at this point that there would seem to me to be very little
value in the use of polls or capsules. If they sit around on a shelf I am
afraid of them. Basically, they are simply not enough. It takes 14
capsules to make a tablespoon. Just for maintenance of the needed Omega 3
for my weight I would need 28 capsules per day and the sulfur based proteins
would still need to taken with them.

We are frequently asked about substitutes for cottage cheese for those who
do not like it or are allergic to it. It seems that soft Tofu will work
well. The oil should be mixed in it as much as possible. There is a
product called Companion Nutrients [Natures Distributors 1 - 800 - 624 -
7114] that is claimed to work well, and we have seen good success with it.
It is not expensive.

I recently learned that Soy protein has the same sulfur based proteins as
does cottage cheese. Whey protein also may have real value. I read
recently on the internet that a combination of Soy protein and Whey protein
showed a distinct value in the prevention of breast cancer without anything
else with it. I am now using a tablespoon of Soy protein [the amount is a
guess] and a tablespoon of whey protein in enough milk to make it liquid per
day. I am using it with the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. This is my
guess and not a clinical recommendation. I have also just learned that it
may be possible to overdo it on Soy foods over a period of time. A
tablespoon a day should do fine. Whey powder has a low percentage of
protein but may have value in helping boost Glutiathone levels.

All the brands of oil are good as long as they are fresh and cold pressed.
Flaxseed oil will keep a year in a freezer, four months in a refrigerator,
but only three weeks at room temperature. After that it will deteriorate
into a transfatty acid that can actually cause cancer. Barleand's have one
advantage in that they will ship wholesale to anyone with a life threatening
disease. If one gets over $75.00 worth at one time they will pay surface
transportation and for an extra $4.00 or so will ship FedEx.

One tablespoon of Flax Oil may be replaced by three tablespoons of seeds,
but no more, ground up in a small coffee grinder. The ground seeds must
still be used with a sulfur based protein and should be used within ten
minutes of grinding due to rapid oxidation. This is not to be construed as
advice. This is merely evidence. We do not have medical direction due to
lack of research other than what we know of Dr. Budwig's work. We are on
our own.