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#20442 - 09/17/06 04:42 PM Ozonted Olive Oil
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I used to work for a homeopathic Dr in Houston and we used to make this ourselves but it is comercially availible. I am going to try to find some for Crystal. We had a fair amout of success with patients who had diabeties on their feet and other skin conditions. I am in no way promoting this but i thought it might help.

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FANTASTIC! I did not realize such a thing existed! I have NOT used this product YET (I am DEFINITELY ordering it!), but I want to tell people about others using LIQUID olive oil/ozone therapy:

Years ago I met a man in Dallas, Tx. who owned a clinic where he put people into steam cabinets for 15 minutes to get good and sweaty, then he pumped ozone into the cabinet for 30 minutes--the ozone is forced through liquid olive oil to get into the cabinet. Apparently, this treatment was extraordinarily successful for certain types of cancers, as he was SO busy, he was opening up another clinic in another state! His collection of "testimonials" and his growing client base certainly seemed as if he was onto something! NOW I know where he got his "idea" from! I always wondered about that.

WHY such a treatment would work is this: Ozone DOES kill many things, including cancer! In strong enough concentrations, it kills ANYTHING it comes into contact with! The trick is to kill the offender without killing the tissues or human!

The OTHER reason WHY this treatment might work for many illnesses, including skin disorders, is this: the first 8-10 minutes that a person raises his skin temperature enough to cause sweating, the toxins are flowing OUT in only that direction! After that, the skin takes IN as much as it releases, in an "osmotic exchange", if you will! So, after the people in the sauna/steam cabinet get hot for 15 minutes, this pretty much guarantees that the body/skin is highly ABSORBING whatever is in the air around it---ozone with concentrated oxygen! Reportedly, "clients" were not only reversing their cancers in very short time (1 month or less), but also a host of other diseases! I lost track of him and never knew if he set up his clinic in Colorado Springs, CO or not. This was about 10-11 years ago.

I used to use my IR sauna in a similar way: I would get all hot and sweaty (about 30 min for me) and the ozone from my "Water OZ" out of Idaho would pump into my sauna for 15 minutes. Probably what kept me alive living in a house with serious mold in the walls and also in the hot water heater--for 4 years! Unfortunately, my Water Oz is the FIRST generation of machines he made, so the UV light died, and I have just now saved up enough to replace it (:-)(SSI-DI)! I feel it is of critical importance that the ozone be made with UV light (and not from just mechanical generation)...from my genetic scientist mentor, now deceased.

Another important use for an IR sauna (bought my fold-up one on eBay 3 years ago)is that of destroying the very fine "feeder capillaries" to cancers: the critical facts are to stay in the already hot sauna for 30 minutes--no more, no less--between 102 and 106 degrees, no more, no less. Apparently this temperature range is critical for causing the fine cancer capillaries to SHRIVEL UP and then body movement "breaks" them, severing the NEW blood feeding to the cancer. The most difficulty in killing cancers is their rapid growth via many fine blood capillaries. Stop the growth of new feeders, and the cancer growth can be checked, then dealt with by the immune system or other supplied treatments. I am NOT talking about a "cure" for cancer--just a way that will possibly control its growth! A little off the subject, but perhaps ONE person will benefit from it. This 2-yr old info (to me)is from a friend in San Diego, Ca who has his medical degree, but was forced to get a DC license, as when he graduated from Medical school after the Vietnam war, Ca did NOT recognize Osteopaths as "real" MD's, which he chose to become to preserve his "medical freedom", turned around and became a chiropractor. He specializes in Thermography as a safer alternative and BETTER DIAGNOSTIC TOOL to Mammograms, and many other diseases/body problems, like muscles...but it DOES depend on the equipment and the professional reading them, like Mammograms! He is currently still practicing on a limited basis, and teaching others to use Thermography and writing his 18th(?) book.

Oxygen not only kills offensive organisms in the body, it also gives ENERGY to the person! Years ago my Cytogeneticist mentor and I were using Homozon in large doses in the AM to clean out the intestines and boost the body's immune system. WOW! Talk about ENERGY PLUS! And the cleanest gut I have ever had.

Another interesting thing you might try to exfoliate AND condition AND feed the skin is this: put @1/2 t. Ascorbic Acid powder(Vit. C) into 1.5 oz oil, cream, or lotion and apply to the skin. It does several things: delivers Vit. C into the body via Transdermal Therapy, exfoliates Icthyosis, AND reverses the free-radical damage of the skin, known as "aging spots/liver spots"!!! Since I have so little money, I have to "invent" my own products, and I do so by researching the active ingredients of products on the market. I had such bad liver spots on my face, and also new patches of I. Vulgaris (which I have) on the sides of my temples/cheeks that looked like "dirt", I decided to give it a whirl. WOW! Nothing short of SPECTACULAR! For added effect on my large age spots, I dipped a damp cue-tip into a tiny bit of pure Vitamin C and "pasted" this onto each large liver spot--careful, this CAN burn/irritate you! Holy Cow! With this added "boost", my large spots faded 50% within 10 DAYS!!! I then continued only with my "oil/lotion+" treatment, and 1 month later, my face is so clear and nearly liver spot-FREE—90% faded!! I recently saw my dermatologist, who commented to me TWICE in my short appointment about how GREAT my skin looked! Really! He was so animated when he said it, it really blew me away. The Vitamin C also TEMPORARILY "plumps" the skin, causing a "temporary Botox effect"!!! Seriously! Apply 3x day to face, and the effect would be continuous.

The BEST part about using Vitamin C infused oil/lotion? I was so impressed with how it REMOVED the crappy VI skin on my temples and cheek bone, I began to use it all over my body...with absolutely fantastic exfoliating results! You have to understand, that for ME to live in a UV-less cold-winter state and have my skin IMPROVE is a real miracle! Please try it! Use small bottles/containers to mix different amounts of Vitamin C into your substrate. If it gets too "gritty", or your skin gets too "hot" from it, then back off a little, and try again, adding in more or less Vit. C or substrate. I averaged applying it 2x/day to my body. This also guarantees a very effective Vitamin C delivery system to the body while bypassing the digestive system. Transdermal Therapy (TDT) is the latest and greatest in getting nutrients into the body while bypassing the digestive system (very important for people like me with Celiac Disease/Dermatitis Herpetiformis). Glutathione is ONE important immune system nutrient that gets destroyed when ingested and is perfect for TDT! If you go through, you can get "professional" access to such a product. BTW: read "feeling fat, fuzzy, or frazzled" by Dr. Richard Shames, MD for self-diagnostic Endocrine help/info and free access to the Canary Club. GREAT book!

I personally do not like to use synthetic ingredients in the Rx lotions/creams I have been prescribed, as I NEED the sun to help me, and I know that the UV in the sun can really change things on the skin! (Before anyone quips that Vitamin C is synthetic, it is also a nutrient, where other synthetic chemicals are not). I am VERY respectful of the UV, as it is our FRIEND...NOT foe...IF we RESPECT it! Therefore, I am very careful to not synthetic ingredients in food, eat rancid oils or sometimes gently fried foods other than in coconut oil, and I have only taken ONE antibiotic in the past 15 years! Antibiotics, in particular, get stuck in the tissues and get irradiated with the UV. NOT a good situation, as the developers of the first antibiotics knew back in the mid-1930's that ALL antibiotics reacted negatively with the sun!

I also purge my body of toxins by using an IR sauna 4-5x per week. I use herbs teas and tinctures, essential oils (THIEVES!!!), Vitamin C, etc. INSTEAD of antibiotics. It has become a necessity, as I am NOW allergic, like anaphylaxis allergic, to ALL NON-sulfa antibiotics!!! Really, people, there are many bio-compatible ways to treat the body without dangerous, side effects-producing, synthetic, chemical, drugs. It takes research and work and experimentation; one MUST become a "pioneer" and an "explorer" to use alternatives effectively by being aware and conscious at all times for sometimes small, but significant changes; the reward is a cleaner body and better functioning body, less side effects, and a clearer mind. Funny the AMA calls natural therapies "alternative" when THESE have been the go-to remedies for CENTURIES around the world, even in the US Pharmacopoeia...until 1936 when Sulfanilamide was released, and "natural therapies" were decreed to the bottom of the pile as "alternative" therapies. Once they realized the profits and power that could be had by manufacturing synthetic products (originally derived from nature), they never looked back, and the rest is history.

Please remember that you are viewing this in the ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES section. If you have negative comments, please stay in the many non-alternative sections of this forum to make them. You will never find my "natural" comments in other than the alternative therapies section! I really get tired of people blasting natural remedies when most have never tried them, or they bought silly products that would never work, because they believed the media-hype and did not do any/enough research. I truly feel for the "sheeples" who are so afraid to try something natural, so they keep getting poisoned by drugs and their horrific side effects. When my AMA-nurse mother died years ago, she was on 23 medications by 2 doctors! Of those, only 6 were for her basic needs, and THE OTHER 17 WERE TO CONTROL THE SIDE EFFECTS OF EVERYTHING ELSE! ALL of the "medical" therapies she did for me either made me worse (like soaking my split palm lines in 50-50 bleach/water that exacerbated the dryness, and caused me to be hyper-allergic to it), or just plain poisoned me. Sorry for the disclaimer ahead of time—I already have read some of your members' comments in the NON-alternative sections, and I will NOT be pleasant to them if they try to attack me HERE. I WALK MY TALK.

Hope some of this information will inspire a few of you to experiment with some of these things I described. Read, Research, Collect facts, compile Patterns, then Experiment. Never stop being a Pioneer! Never believe everything you hear...even from ME! Do your own research to understand the underlying concepts and foundation, and you will learn to THINK for yourself. (;-)

BOTTOM LINE: I, for one, am going to try the O2-Zap cream because I understand the underlying principles. THANK YOU for the original comment. Let me know how it works for you, or if you actually make it yourself! Please read some of my other comments on this forum for other Natural tips.


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