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#20391 - 08/01/05 09:49 AM Ichthyosis
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My son aged 7yrs suffering the ichthyosis by birth and type as per Dr. seems to be of "Congenital". He born as "colldian baby".
In the family hisroty, neither myself nor my wife and even my first issue carries any such skin problem. However, my second issue, daugher, aged 12 years is also carrying with the same Ichthyosis problem.
I reside in India and keen to know non-allopathic therapy to treat him and her, preferably therapy such as naturopathy,yoga,etc.
My son and daughter both complain about itching problem, specially during summer time and they get their skin turned during in sun heat. Scaling is all over the body. The process is now faster in the son than in dauther of changing the skin layers but it was vice a versa a until few months back. Due to use of antiboitics for treating the "fever" which is alternative in a day ranging from 99 to +101 degree he is confronting with sever problem of faster and faster changing of skin, leaving scales and then red patches again and again in almost all parts of his body. All the tests have been cleared by him in order to diagnose the reason of fever but still he is not fully cured. Whether fever is an usual phenomenon in the case of skin change over process in case of Ichthyosis or otherwise, is yet to be ascertained. ANy idea????.
Please keep me posted and updated with latest findings and deveopment in this field as you may come over to know.
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First of all welcome to the board. Have you visited the FIRST foundation website at ? The FIRST foundation can help you get in touch with other people that have the same type as ichthyosis as your young ones. You can also call them at Phone: 215-631-1411 or email

I have a 7 year old daughter with Lamellar Ichthyosis, she too was born a colldian baby. When she was little we used to think she had fevers all the time also, but figured out one winter that it wasn't fevers it was her body not sweating. My daughter and lots of others can't sweat. Not being abke to sweat causes my daughter to get very red all over her body and even sometimes her skin is hot also. We use water bottles filled with cold water, cooling vest, and misters to keep her cool when out in the heat. She also drinks lots of water to make sure she doesn't dehydrate.

For her skin we use lots of different lotions. We use tazorac once to twice a week. We also use Dermal Therapy to help peel the scales off, emu oil mixed with glycerin to help stop itching and put some moister back into the skin. We also use Eucerin Plus over the top of the emu oil mix and over the tazorac. There are lots of different things people use and I am sure with everybodys posts you can find something that will work for your children.

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