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#20371 - 07/30/05 11:50 PM Re: Board rules reminder
Lisa for Jake Offline

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i have a son with ichthyosis, from what i have read nichiro hasnt tried to "sell" anything, just tried to express what has worked for him,,,,,,,,,,,how can that be a bad thing? i personally dont fancy drinking my own pee or asking jake to drink his but i think if desperate u will try most things. How can u diss it if u never tried it? I have heard before that urine is good for the skin,,but it isnt something i would like to try,jakes doctor once told us to use a certain cream on his face,,,,,,, but it wasnt recommended unless he was over 12! i never used it, that isnt to say it wouldnt have worked, but i didnt want to use anything on him unless i knew it was okay,his doctor doesnt have ich nor does any of her children. IMO,,,,,and i am sure i will get some flack from this post,,,,,,but to be honest,,,,,i think that if someone wants to post what has worked for them should be welcomed,,,,not argued with,,,,,,and i dont think that nichiro came here to argue,,,,,,,,,,i think he came here to try and help, if u dont like his method, dont try it, but dont make out like he is a monster for trying to help...

#20372 - 07/31/05 12:54 AM Re: Board rules reminder
ShaunaJ Offline

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I think people are getting upset because he is saying to try it, when he doesn't even know what if anything it would do for somebody with Ich. He doesn't have Ich himself so even if it made his skin smoother there is no guarantee that it would have the same results with ichthyosis. Even though he says he knows people with ichthyosis they have not tried his AUT so he doesn't know or can't say for sure what it would do for ichthyosis. I think if he had ichthyosis and was using AUT to treat it and it gave him great results it would be a different story, but he doesn't. What I would worry about is infection. Ryley has lamellar ichthyosis and gets deep splits in her hands and feet. She is already at risk for infections. Wouldn't rubbing human waste cause an infection if it got down in the cracks?
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#20373 - 07/31/05 02:06 AM Re: Board rules reminder
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Please don't be encouraging him to come back!!! [img][/img] He has it in his head that he's trying to help, and if it works for him-great. But for those of us who have no intention of trying it and frankly believe what he has to say is bull****, he for some reason is trying to "force" his beliefs on us w/o knowing what we go through.

Basically someone who is "just trying to help" would not be so damn pushy and take offense if someone said "thanks but no thanks".

For example, on the retinoids topic, you don't hear posters getting all huffy if they post something about a retinoid that works for them, then someone else says "Great, but beware of these side effects..." I guess it's just our great way of looking out for one another in this awesome community, and nichirio & edward apparently do not realize this.

And nichirio, please DO NOT reply to this message, I am through with you and your pissy attitude as I think most of us on this board are!
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#20374 - 07/31/05 02:24 AM Re: Board rules reminder
Nichiro Offline

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you wrote,
"And nichirio, please DO NOT reply to this message, I am through with you and your pissy attitude as I think most of us on this board are!"

Do you own this website ?
Dear other friends,

I have no intention on posting anything on AUT. This is because most of you consider AUT as human waste. So be it.

Let me ask you one question how ever.
Since ICH causes a lot of drain on human body and immune system by trying to protect the skin and losing a lot of skin....

What sort of antioxidents and Natural medicines like FLAX SEEDS (Linseed seeds and Linseed oil )have you all used ?

Also how many of you has heard of KEFIR ?
Kefir is Fermented milk. (I hope it is accptable to you all).

Kefir tastes 99 percent like Yogurt and Linseeds have no bad taste at all. So children can not have aversion to its consumption.
This is another route to lessen pressure and strengthen overworked immune and body defence mechanism .

If you are all interested, you may visit KEFIR sites and FLAX SEEDS sites to know more.
Please remember, I am as concerned as you are. Take it or leave it.
Use what you have
You'll get what you don't have.

#20375 - 08/02/05 04:22 PM Re: Board rules reminder
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Have your relatives that have the son and daughter with ichthyosis tried AUT? Have you suggested it to them? I am curious to know what kind of ichthyosis they have, and whether AUT has worked for them. There is much to learn about medicines and cures, what works for some people and their disease may or not may work for others. This would be a great chance for us to examine AUT and Ichthyosis, if you have a first hand experience with your relatives.

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