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#20317 - 11/26/04 11:53 AM Hair Analysis
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I was born with Ichthyosis. My mother and grandfather also affected. I have used various external treatments and was given some experimental internal oils as a child. However I have recently due to another condition had hair test analysis done. I showed gross mineral depletion in the results. I have been taking a variety of mineral substances for 5 months now to treat the general depleted levels and my ichthyosis is very much improved. Visually there is little difference although there are definately less scales and a softer feel to the skin. However the irritation has virtually ceased and I no longer have need for special skin creams.
I am asking the group if anyone else has had hair analysis done. Because of my other condition I cannot tell which minerals are helping the skin.
The Hypothosis is that despite adequate diet the ichthyosis actually stops us absorbing a, or some essential mineral/s needed for normal skin production.
Please has anyone else had hair analysis and can we share results to try and find a common denominator.

#20318 - 11/29/04 05:20 AM Re: Hair Analysis
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Hello Marg
Welcome to our ichthyosis board and thanks for posting about hair test analysis.I am Les Avakian,from central california, and I have x linked ichthyosis.My primary care physician requested I do a hair analysis test and the sample was sent back to Chicago. The results came back I was low in selenium,chromium, and germanium.Are you low in these minerals? Maybe we can find a correlation with my test and yours.If you have time, email me at care and by for now.
Les Avakian


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