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#203 - 11/21/00 05:57 AM skin infections
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Hi to all,I'm new here.I'm Jana and I have EHK type and have an 11 yr. old son with a milder case of it.I posted my story on Life stories if you want to know more about me.I have a question?Do any of you have much problem with skin infections?It seems like my son and I are constantly fighting against them.We both use anti-bacterial soaps and wash hand frequently but still have to use antibiotic ointments or take oral antibiotics a lot.If anyone has any suggestions ,I'd like to hear them.Thanks!! Jana
Jana Gourley

#204 - 11/21/00 08:01 AM Re: skin infections
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Dear Jena,

This is too cool. I too am a mother with EHK. I have four children three boys and a girl. My girl is the oldes and not only do i have it but my daughter and my mother do as well. There is a lot of skin infections that we have been battling for several weeks lately and I believe that it has a lot to do not so much with the weather, but the changing of the seasons. I've noticed that when were going from one season to the next we tend to go through a phase. It doesn't seem to be the cold or hot that effects it so much as the unstableness of the temps. If it could just stable out some and stay at one general temperature we'd be fine and wouldn't have as many skin infections. But i've noticed that when we go through this it's always, always during a seasonal change and it causes us to dry out quicker, itch worse, order is worse, get MUCH MORE skin infections, seems like we are forever on antibiotics, and the skin get's thicker during this period. I'd like to discuss this further if you'd be interested in talking more. I have some questions and i'm sure you probably do as well. My kids are ages 7 1/2 (got to put that half in there.), 10, 12 1/2 and 14. As i said my oldest is the girl. Hope to hear from you soon.


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I have EHK as well and went through some pretty horrible bouts of infections. I try to stay off the antibiotics as much as possible, and I have found a few things that help.
Neosporin for some reason is just great with my blisters. Shortly after I use it they drain like crazy and clear up much faster than ever before. I use the waterproof Neosporin with the pain reliever in it.
In the shower, every time and every day, I give myself a rinse with Betadine. I have no clue if it helps or not, all I know is I have had significantly fewer (if any) infections since the Doctor recommended this.
I also try to keep from getting any blisters in the first place. Many of my infections stem from something that triggered, everything from mosquito bites to tight socks. Not all, but most, of my worst infections had a trigger that got it started. Of course, sometimes I can wear a blister on my leg and have nothing happen, such is the luck of the draw [img][/img]

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Yes, I have had a terrible time over the years avoiding skin infections. As soon as I think there's any hint of one, I use Bag Balm (an antiobiotic ointment originally used only by farmers on their cows' udders). This tends to do the trick for minor stuff. If it doesn't and I notice any spreading of infect, I call the doctor ASAP and go in immediatley to get antibiotics. With infections, if you have ichthyosis all over 100%, you should not mess around with them at all!

I strongly recommend that anyone with or without any type of skin condition use an antibacterial soap daily, and even take some to work with you if you need to rather than use the soap there as it may not be antibacterial, or just plain rough on your skin. I use Cetaphil's antibacterial bar soap.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.


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