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#20236 - 12/31/03 08:27 PM Kangal fishes
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Some time ago some one on the EHK board wanted to know about anyone having experiences with fishes eating death skin, and if anyone had any experience with it.
I translated an article about Kangalfishes I once clipped from a newspaper. But there was very little response. Since I saw a lot of new names here (I checked this section of the board for the first time only yesterday) I thougt I might put it here too. It's a summary of two articles from one newspaper from the year 2002, so it ain't brandnew.

The below is a summary of two articles from the dutch newspaper “dagblad van het Noorden” dated the 8th of june 2002. Since the contents were similar I joined them together in one summary.

Kangalfishes live in a well with Selenium holding water near Kangal in Turkey. These fishes eat the scales from people with skindeseases. Especially patients who suffer from eczema, fungi or psoriasis benefit.
Since the 1950’s there is a (I don’t know the word: a place where you can go to for therapy, litery translated in dutch we call it cure-place) at these wells.
The accomodations are simple and are difficult to reach for west-Europeans (and even harder for Americans I think). Since 2001 Class-reizen organizes group travels from Holland to Kangal (

“It is no holyday. For 3 weeks you soak in the well for 4 hours at the time during mornings and afternoons, in the meanwhilke drinking 4 litres of water with selenium. But after 3 weeks everybody was ‘clean’, a wonderfull experience,” sais R.P. Reyer, secretary of the Dutch Psoriasis association.

Efes Doner and his son suffer from eczema. They benefited a lot from the therapy. The eczema stays away for a long time afterwards. Back in the Netherlands they maintain with ointments. ” There are 3 types of fish: biters, nudgers and grazers. All with there own specific task.”

Since a while there are Kangalfishes in Germany as well. They live in the cure hotel Walschbachtal in Züschen, near Winterberg, Sauerland. They swim an a bath of 1 m2
Where patients who suffer from psoriasis or eczema can take a bath. After bathing for 1 hour, patients get an ointment treatment.

1 year old Pia Wolf stopped itching after 7 baths with the Kangalfishes, and her face is practically free of eczema (I myself think especially the last bit hard to believe. I don’t think they put the face of a 1 year old child under water for the fish to nibble it??). She used to cry virtually every night. “It’s a miracle. My child changed in a weeks time. She is a very sweet child, now she stopped itching.”

5 days of treatment in Walschbchtal helped 9 year old Gerhard Sikkens from Geleen, but after a few weeks the eczema has returned completely. “We were on a holyday and saw the advertisement of the treatment in the hotel. We could start immediately. Gerhard suffers from severe eczema, because he is allergic to a variety of things. At first it worked great. Gerhard got mudwraps in addition to his baths, and his hands were very clean. But we couldn’t finish the treatment, because Gerhard had to go back to school. But we really want to go back, even though the insurance company won’t pay anything. German patients do get compensation from there insurance.
A bath costs €40,- per adult and €20,- for children (prizes 2002, of course)

Maaike and Karlijn

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Hi Veronique,

It is interesting and Thank you for posting this. I did some research and found this related website:
To get more information it is worth to read it.

Thaks again.
solomon rumicha


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