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#20081 - 09/21/00 10:27 PM Farnesol
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Iīm Sebastian, from Germany.
Has anybody made expiriences with "Farnesol"?

Itīs used in some cremes, I found 2 articles in the internet about it.
I didnīt understand all, but it seems that this "Farnesol" is good stuff.

Please check out these links and tell me what you think about it.;dopt=Abstract

In the last article there are 2 interresting phrases:

"...Finally, topical applications of farnesol increased mRNA and protein levels of the differentiation-specific genes, profilaggrin and loricrin..."

-Profilaggrin is the Enzyme that isnīt enough produced in Ichthyosis Vulgaris

" well as protein and mRNA levels of two proteins required for cornified envelope formation, involucrin (INV) and transglutaminase increased..."

-As far as I know Transglutaminase is the Enzyme responsible for Ichthyosis Lamellaris

If you understand those articles better than I, then email ( me or post a message



#20082 - 09/22/00 02:50 PM Re: Farnesol
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Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for that - it certainly looks like its worth trying. For anyone who wants to try the product, Borlind will send you free samples when you fill in a questionnaire for them (all you pay is $2.00 for shipping and handling). I for one will have a try.




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