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#20079 - 09/20/00 12:34 PM Noni Juice "concentrate"

It has been a long time since I have talked to you. I asked you about Noni Juice long before the conference and even asked the doctors(who had never heard of it)about it. I have found Noni juice in several health food stores now including GNC if that helps anyone. My question for you is about the actual strength of the Noni juice. Most seem to be about 1250mg per tbsp. I have found a 10 to 1 concentrate made by Tropical Oasis( that claims to be 4000mg per tbsp. It comes in a 16 oz. bottle and costs about $30. This is as much as a 32 oz. bottle but it is 3 to 4 times as strong so you don't have to take as much. What strength is the Noni you give your daughter? I also read that you shouldn't drink caffeine after taking it. I know that I should take it a half an hour before breakfast, but do I have to give up my morning cup of coffee or just wait a half an hour before drinking it just like you do before eating breakfast? Have you heard or read about any of this? I would appreciate any help you can give me with these questions.
Keith Charsha

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Hi Keith, good to hear from you again.
By now most people will have heard of noni juice and how it helps a variety of condtions. I one I use and recommend to others is Tahitian Noni Juice which is manufactured by a US company called Morinda (taken from the botanical name of noni, Morinda citrifolia). I recommend TNJ because it is the only juice on the market which is scientifically tested for its proxeronine content and the process for doing the test is patented. Also, the man behind the discovery of proxeronine, xeronine etc, is a scientist called Dr. Ralph Heinicke. While all the other companies cite his findings in order to promote their noni products, Dr. Heinicke only endorses Morinda's Tahitian Noni Juice along with Anne Hirazumi who discovered the anti-cancer activity of noni. As for concentrations, I gave Aiesha 30ml a day and saw a result after 3 weeks. Initially, I split up the 30ml to 2 teaspoons every 2 hours. The reason being that the liver releases proxeronine into the bloodstream every 2 hours and this in turn is converted into xeronine (which is what helps the cell regeneration). However, this became impossible to do when Aiesha started school full-time so I just gave her 15ml in the morning and 15ml before her evening meal. For adults 30ml in the morning and 30ml in the evening is usually recommended (in particular for chronic illnesses) but I find that most people do well with just the morning dose (after all it is an expensive product!). Incidently, Morinda also do a TNJ Concentrate which I haven't used as it is not available here in the UK. There is also a noni cream which I have managed to get hold of but didn't really feel that I was getting a result. Before anyone tries any brand of noni they should visit, click on "Products" and then click on "Tahitian Noni Juice Footprint" to compare the content of all the noni's on the market.
As for you morning coffee, just wait 30 mins after taking the noni, this is the time it takes for the xeronine to synthesised by the proxeronine and proxeronase. When you eat, the xeronine will bind with the proteins from your food and do its work.
Hope this answers your questions.




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