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#20073 - 09/09/00 04:11 AM More Juice Stuff (Some questions, some answers)
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For those of you asking where to get Noni juice, you can just go to the website at and order from them for $40 a bottle or $160 a case.
The thing that irks me about it, is that it's just like another great product I used to take called KM. It really helped my skin, it made me feel better and I loved it, but you HAD to either become a distributor or buy it from an independant distrubutor to get it. My distributor for KM moved away, and I could not afford to keep paying yearly fees to be a distributor since I wasn't trying to actively sell it.
While Noni juice is available via the web page, you probably get a better price buying it from someone or by paying whatever they want to become a distributor.
Does anyone know of an acceptable substitute that is available in health food stores? Or is this just the only way to acquire this particular product? And what's up with the GNC Hawaiian Noni capsules you can buy? I see that they are available on the web site for a very reasonable price. Can't I just take those?

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#20074 - 09/11/00 02:56 PM Re: More Juice Stuff (Some questions, some answers)
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Hi Glori,
First thing..this product KM sounds very interesting and I would love to find out more. Do you know if it is available in the UK?
Second thing, for any of you who are thinking of trying noni juice, please do not waste your money on imitation products. Tahitian is the best simply because it is the only noni juice on the market which is scientifically tested for its proxeronine content. I'm not going to go into any specifics here but I think everyone should read the comparisons at before purchasing their product. For those of you in the US, you can also buy Tahitian Noni Creams and Oils. I have tried both of these products but didn't really see a benefit. However, the juice is a completely different story.


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