OK...I am 23 years old....have a pretty bad case of EHK.

I have had my skin looking so normal to have people say when I tell them I have a skin disease they say "huh? what are you talking about. I never noticed"

Well...my mother has a bad case of EHK as well...and she came up with her own "remedies" to help alleviate the symptoms as much as she could...well I took hers and made some modifications.

One thing that I have found that works the best for my skin is swimming!!!!!!

SWIMMING SWIMMING SWIMMING!!!!! Whether its for 15 minutes a day just relaxing (also works well in a hot tub) that you are in the pool or 2 hours getting a work out (why not kill two birds with one stone) being in the water helps tremendously because it softens up the build up enough for you to be able to rub it off...however this does take a little bit of time. I swam on the Varsity team in high school and College...so I was in the water A LOT!!! lol! (one thing I'll say now before I forget...swimming in the ocean is the best source of water to swim in..the salt works wonders for the skin...then any natural body of water...then pools that use chemicals other than chlorine (i.e. bromine) are all better than using a pool with chlorine because it dries out your skin pretty bad...but its still good for you)

Ok..so here WAS my routine when I was swimming everyday.

I would swim through the practice...and would try not to rub any skin off in the pool to be courteous to the other people in the pool...after practice was over I would IMMEDIATELY get in the shower as soon as I could...

I would probably be in the shower for at least 30 minutes (not so good for your water bill...but its great for YOU!)...and I would just use my hands to rub off the soft build up...like I said this takes time! Its not going to happen in one day....its not going to happen in a week...they key is being persistent! Its all dependent on how bad your skin is to start off. I have used different buffer pads...and scrubbers..yada yada yada...but the thing that I have found that works the best is my hand...you will probably be uncomfortable for the first week or so because the skin will be sore...

This is another thing...dont rush it...the more you try and get off in one shower the more its going to be sore..take your time...you'll get it down.

As for the face..get it wet with the rest of your body...again..I just use my hand and fingers to get off the excess skin...and shaving works well too...the problem areas I have found with the most build up (on the face) are the chin...the creases on the side of the nose..and around the eyes...I can get the skin off my chin in the shower with my hands...but I leave the nose creases and around the eyes until afer I get out of the shower

OH and I forgot to mention earlier...colder showers are better for your skin than hot showers...think about it...what moisturizes our bodies skin..."grease" for lack of better words...if you put a clump of grease in hot water..it will disintegrate...if you put it in cold water...nothing happens...just something I thought about..I still take hot showers! lol

OK...so now you have rubbed skin off in the shower...your ready to get out...You can still get A LOT of skin off as you are drying off...the towel can get some more skin off as you rub...you just have to make sure you rinse the bath tub...lol

ok so you are all dry (as dry as you can be lol)...and here is where I take care of the skin around my eyes and in the creases of my nose..take a q-tip and spin it while pressing it in the creases (q-tips also work great for the ears)...it should rub it right off with no pain what so ever....i then immediately put on facial moisturizer after I get that skin off....THEN lotion my entire body...I have found that this can get VERY expensive...especially with the special creams out there...But the best thing I have found that works well and is relatively cheap is Jergins Ultra Healing lotion...now there are def. other lotions that are MUCH better than this...but this seems to work the best (for me anyway) out of the stuff you can buy at the store. But I lotion my ENTIRE body...neck to toe..

If you cant swim...just get in the shower for 30 minutes...or soak in the bath tub for 30 minutes and relax (better than a shower)...you'll be able to rub skin off...it wont be as effective as swimming...but it still helps

I have not swam consistently in over 2 years...granted my skin is much worse than it was when I was swimming...it is not near as bad as it was before I found that swimming worked well.

My joints are (and usually always have been) the problem areas (with the most build up) but if you just keep at em they will get better.

But like I said...i have not swam consistently in over 2 years...and I can get my skin looking pretty good in less than a weeks time of...so once you get it down initially its not THAT hard to maintain it

If anybody has any questions...don't hesitate to ask