hello,all,i am peter from Chengdu,China.I am a member of the China Ichthyosis Association.Recently our group of Chengdu are planning to write some articles to attach social attention,and let people know what ichthyosis is.Most importantly,we want to fight aggainst for the equality,no injustice,no discrimination.

This is our site,welcome to join,let's work together,let's pray together,let's struggle together, let's stand up for freedom together,knowing that all men are created equal!

I hope you can write something about our experince, about our life,about our emotion,let the world know we are as normal as others, even better than others. We will choose some of your articles and public at our site.Also you are walmly welcomed to post at our site. Our OICQ group number is 35956173,you may download the OICQ software and join,also your arrival will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world,but yet loose or forfeit his very self?