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#20012 - 04/21/07 06:54 PM Problems with my
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Hi everyone! I`m new here and I think it`s great that there is a forum like this on the net.
I have congenital ichthyosis and I don`t have scales on my whole body, but only on my torso, below my chest and on my armpits and the pelvis area. Also, I have it on my scalp.
But, what is troubleing me is that I have an unusual penis condition, which I presumed it`s connected with my ichthyosis. I`m uncircumsised.
Since I`m not really experienced with english and this is a sensitive subject, I will try to explain it as simple as I can, I hope you`ll understand.
I`m 18 and I`m virgin, so this troubles me very much...
My penis head hurts when I rub it (as at sexual intercourse). I assumed that`s because of my ichthyosis, but I don`t have any visible scales on my penis... Maybe it`s some disease that comes along with ichthyiosis... I also have fordyce condition on my penis (self-diagnosed), but this shouldn`t be connected with this pain. I`m a little ashamed to go see a doctor about this.
Does anyone here has this problem? I`m really concerned about it, I hope someone will answer it...
Thanks in advance.

#20013 - 04/22/07 04:45 AM Re: Problems with my
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Hello Ichty88
I am happy you found out ichthyosis bulletin board and hopefully we can help. I am not sure the pain you have is related to ichthyosis, but I would check with your doctor first.Since you are not circumcised, you could be constricted in that area,restricting blood flow and causing pain. After searching under fordyce condition, it doesnt mention any pain or difficulties.It is characterized by small yellow growths that are not transmitted sexually to others.The cause is not known, but seems to be generic in nature.The papules are present at birth, but dont become prevalent until puberty.You can apply tretinoin cream or ointment and it will reverse the affects over time and prevent it from getting worse.Doctors can also use vapor lazerization or liquid nitrogen freezing to remove the growths.
I dont blame you for your concern, and would advise seeking a doctors opinion.Take care Ichty 88 and by for now.

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Thank You! You helped me a lot.
Best regards!

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This is quite embarrassing to mention but I had the skin area on the underside tear before (also uncircumcised, it was almost like an abscess) when having to much sexual activity with a partner before. Nothing like you describe though. I had though that I was less sensitive than average because of the ichthy. I have those spots you mention as well but never knew what they were called. I had no idea they were also considered a dermatological condition.

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Has anyone ever had the skin peel off after exposure to a partner's yeast infection?
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