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#19968 - 11/28/05 09:51 AM HELP! GETTING WORSE
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I am new to this website but already seem right at home. I am 34 and am slowly starting to get worse!! In my late 'teans I started going red whenever I got ill (just like a sunburn) and then the skin cracked and pealed (again like a sunburn). However, recently (the last couple of years...) the skin rashes have been getting worse and the result worse (hence the name snowstorm!). Anyone else get/got this problem? My doctor thinks this is great as he can study me but so far is a little bit out of his depth. Oh yes, my brother is also ICH and started going red too. Is this normal or just strange?

#19969 - 11/29/05 03:35 AM Re: HELP! GETTING WORSE
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Hello Snowstorm
Welcome to our ichthyosis family.I have x linked ichthyosis and havent experienced skin rashes or redness at all. Has your doctor identified the type of ichthyosis you and your brother have?In our ichthyosis foundation(FIRST) website at, you can check out some of the descriptions of the types of ichthyosis.Also there is an ichthyosis support group in the U.K at those who have experienced rashes and redness will post.Take care Snowstorm and I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
Les Avakian

#19970 - 11/29/05 03:45 PM Re: HELP! GETTING WORSE
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I have a three year old son with Lamellar and an 18 month old daughter with Lamellar. Both of my kids get very red when they have a fever and even without a fever, they do get redish when they are sick. I think the skin tends to dry out and peal when their bodies are fighting off an illness (especially with a fever) which causes some irritation thus the reddness. When our son was a year old, he got his first big illness which caused him to peal the top layer of skin over his entire body mulitple times before he was healthy again. This happened several times in a row and we are getting better with taking care of his skin with each illness. With the first sign of illness in the house, we double (even tripple) up on his skin care (our daughter as well). Even if they are not the ones that are sick in the house, we try to get their skin as moist as possible in the even of an illness. If they are the ones that start to get sick first, we go crazy with the skin care at the first sniffle...kind of like a preemptive strike. Try bulking up on your skin care at the first sign of has been effective in our house.


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