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#19961 - 04/19/05 05:12 AM Which ich needs strong cream - Vulgaris or X link
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I am having Ichithyosis vulgaris...I tried amlactin and couldn't find much difference.. I have used it only for a couple a days so it is too early for a comment ... My scales are small and dark and glued inside the skin..... don't have much of ithcing and not visible as normal ... could anyone tell me the major difference between vulgaris and x link.... and which is the cream good for my dark patches which is glued inside the skin ...

#19962 - 04/19/05 05:39 PM Re: Which ich needs strong cream - Vulgaris or X link
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Invisible, youŽll only get results from the Amlactin after, at the very least, a week, perhaps two. Keep using it for a while, and see how it works. Everyone has their own particular treatment that works best for them.

#19963 - 04/28/05 01:54 PM Re: Which ich needs strong cream - Vulgaris or X link
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Hello Invisible
Everything we try is by trial and error and what works for some will not work for others. I will be interested to hear how the Dermal Therapy works for you. Many of our members use this cream,and if it isnt strong enough, they make a 30% urea/10% lactic acid also.Also, Stephanie mentioned a routine you might like to try and the post is in the vulgaris/x linked section.Lightly scrubbing with salt, Doves moisturizing cream/cleanser, and cocoa butter cream. Look up the post for exact specifications.Also there are a list of creams at our foundation site at Please keep us posted on your progress.
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