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#19912 - 12/23/04 08:00 AM Re: Someone help us! (icthyosis Vularis)
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I don't know if brennyangel is still folowing this thread, but in case you are, consider having a dermatologist prescribe a 30 day treatment of some stuff put out by Doak Dermatologies called Carmol. It is a three piece kit with one bottle of Urea based shampoo which includes an anti-bacterial element, one tube of a scalp treatment lotion and a stiff round brush for applying the stuff. No surprise, the brush, applied with a gusto verging on masochism may be the best part of the package. As all people here will tell you, some treatments work for some and not for others. This one has worked pretty well for me. My scalp was a mess and I even wear black turtlenecks and blazers these days. :-) Oh, and as far as I know, it won't make your guy glow in the dark. :-) I will throw in one more comment though. Sometimes, for people who REALLY DO have thick skin, we allow ourselves to be pretty darn sensitive about our condition. I can say that because I have felt this just as much as I notice others saying they have. Frankly, at age 53, I'm developing an early case of grumpy old man syndrome with people who have a problem with my problem.If one of my treatments did turn me neon at the bowling alley, these days I'd probably just tell people I worked at a nuclear plant so I didn't have to wait in such long lines for a lane. :-)


#25861 - 02/10/10 01:43 PM Re: Someone help us! (icthyosis Vularis) [Re: Smiley]
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Hi I live in upstate N.Y too. I am 46 and have Ichtyosis Vulgaris. I have experienced the same with Dr's not knowing how to treat this. Basically all I use are good hypoallergenic fragrence free creams and lotions. I have given up looking for a cure. The last Dermotologist I seen prescribed Lachydrin lotion, and she said sorry that's all i can do I don't have a magic wand !!!! So hence to say I just go on and try to deal with this. By the way your a angel for caring about your boyfriends condition.


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