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#19898 - 01/18/03 05:55 AM Living in extreme climate
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I live in northern Canada and suffer from X linked Ichthyosis. I use Lachydrin but find because of the extremly cold temperature it is not enough. But worse than the cold I find that the wind will make my condition worse. The cracking and swelling is sometimes unbearable. Someone have any suggestions?

#19899 - 01/18/03 06:46 PM Re: Living in extreme climate
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Hello Brad
Welcome to the men`s section of the bulletin board and happy you posted. I have X-linked also and am using Lachydrin exclusively, but dont live in the environment you do. Many X-linked people like Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy,Amlactin, Eucerin Plus with urea acid, Aqua Glycollic, and salicyllic acid.In a post by Mia McNeal from Chicago, who has vulgaris, said her derm mixed Lachydrin with 2% salicyllic acid and she was having good results with that. I would also apply Eucerin or Aquaphor as a moisturizer.Maybe some of the other X linked people from the east coast, midwest, and Canada will post their ideas. Take care Brad and I hope this helps.
Les Avakian

#19900 - 02/14/03 04:37 AM Re: Living in extreme climate
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Hi Brad,

May I ask, with all due respect, why you live
in Northern Canada, especially when you have
noticed how the change in climate can affect
your condition? Please consider the options
of relocation to a milder climate.
Don't ever lose hope when
there is a promised land, and "sweat" dreams


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