Hi Danish Slacker.

It's sad that no one has responded to Greg. Seems mostly because so few girls have Ichthyosis.

I have empathy for Gregs situation of being married twice, and rejected . This would be painful. Though I do think that Women with Ichthyosis find it easier to find a man, than the other way around. I think it's because Guys will jump on anything ( sorry for being crude ! ! ) Girls have to be more careful in choice of a Partner ( they only get 1 or 2 chances "biologically " speaking ) .

I have never had a relationship, and in a way took pride in not " Burdening " someone with my problems or personal Issues. And I have never had Kids because I wouldn't want my Children to go through any pain or Suffering.

But I have many positives in my Life. Self Funded Retiree at 47, now looking to Start my own Business, and Studying to keep my mind active. And I've got my Health back on track and eating right. And so I probably had more success in life than many so called " Normal" people.

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