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#19835 - 11/02/00 07:16 PM where to go for a biopsy and advice for scrubbing and exfoliating
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where does one go for a biopsy to check exactly what type of ichthyosis i have?
please advise all types of gels and cleansers used for exfoliating and scrubbing away the dead cells.

#19836 - 11/03/00 01:04 PM Re: where to go for a biopsy and advice for scrubbing and exfoliating
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Good morning Jaani, how are you doing?Your best bet it to have your dermotologist take a biopsy to determine your specific type of ichthyosis. The symptoms you describe match mine exactly.I have X linked ichthyosis and need an acid cream. I used Eucerin for many years but it didnt help with itching and had no affect on my scales. Lachydrin 12% lactic acid works best for me, but it is by prescription.There is a Lachydrin 5% lactic acid over the counter,but it doesnt work as well.From what I have been told, Amlactin works better than Lachydrin and is over the counter.Others use Aqua Glycollic by Allergen Pharmacueticals which is a percentage of glycollic acid, Eucerin Plus with a percentage of uric acid, and even some use salicyllic acid mixed with a base like Aquaphor or Eucerin.This is a trial and error process, what works better for some will not work as well for others.If you would like to correspond further contact me at for now.
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