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#19832 - 10/16/00 01:42 AM side effects of eucerin if any ?
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I have just started using eucerin alphahydroxy moisturising lotion and I have recently developed small blisters on my ankles and feet which resemble mosquitoe or insect bites.How much time will it take to get the scales off completely?Although the general condition seems to be better the scales are still visible behind my arms and lower legs and also my back where i cannot reach comfortably to apply eucerin.Can you recommend any other make and model of cream which is better than eucerin?

#19833 - 10/16/00 03:59 AM Re: side effects of eucerin if any ?
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Hello Jaani it is so nice to see your post in the men`s section. First of all, what type of ichthyosis do you have?Some of the acid creams can be too strong for some types of ichthyosis.I have X linked and use Lachydrin 12% lactic acid by prescription. I have large scales on my calfs, smaller scales on my thighs, and even finer scales on my arms. I dont scale on my back and torso, but after showers they become rough like a very fine sandpaper.My main problem is with itching. There are quite a few types of over the counter creams like Carmol 10, 20, and even a Carmol 40 with a uric acid percentage.There is Aqua Glycollic made by Allergen Pharmaceuticals that many X linked people take and it is over the counter.Some have prescriptions made of salicyllic acid mixed with aquaphor.You can buy Lachydrin 5% lactic acid over the counter.Some people like a product called Dermal Therapy.You almost have to try them all to find what cremes help you the best.We are all different, and what cream works well for some, will not work well for others.Jaani, have you gone to the product section of the site. There are many wonderful and useful creams listed there.If you would like to converse, my email address is Bye for now. Les
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#19834 - 10/18/00 12:42 AM Re: side effects of eucerin if any ?
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I use the Orginal Moisturzing creme . It doesnot irrate me at all. It helps some. Not a cure all by no means .I put it on 6am,112noon, 6pm and 10 to 11 pm before bed.It doesnot seems to have lasting moisturizing power but those feel good for awhile. I tryed Aaqua Glycolic but where i have aany cracks or cuts it burns alot. I know les uses this it feels good except when it burns. Maybe try the plan Eucerin and see if this helps. What type of ichy do you have? I have Lamellar Ichy and it is touch getting anyone thing to work.


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