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#19624 - 08/07/06 12:47 PM yeast infections
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Hi! I have LI and I seem to get yeast infections ALOT!!! I know that my doctor says that the cause can be just because of my skin condition.. so I was wondering if any of you have the same problem, and if so what do you do to help this or stop this horrible problem!!

#19625 - 08/07/06 06:01 PM Re: yeast infections
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I appologize in advance for my bluntness but I was reading up on this because my 9 month old son is getting them often. He could not use this method (of course) but I read to take empty tampon continers and fill them with plain yogurt with active culture. Place the tampons in the freezer and then just use them like a regular tampon. The sight suggested doing this at night a couple of times a week to help keep your good bacteria in check. Never tried it but several women on the sight thought it was a god sent. I do not remember the sight I looked at though. Hope this helps.
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#19626 - 08/08/06 11:52 AM Re: yeast infections
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As I was getting yeast infections regularly over the last few years I decided to change my diet - I stopped drinking beer, eating bread, cheese or anything else that contained yeast, cut out sugar (as sugar feeds yeast) and cut down on alcohol (which turns to sugar which feeds yeast)- and hey presto - thrush was gone over night! No more sore itching! Great Relief!

I now treat myself to a bit of bread and cheese now and again and stick to drinking vodka & tonic if I want alcohol and the occasional glass of red wine (not only is vodka calorie free but it also stops me getting hung over!)

#19627 - 08/08/06 01:46 PM Re: yeast infections
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During a yeast breakout, which are just oodles of fun in the summertime, you could also supplement with a probiotic, oral acidophilus/bifidius supplement. Any natural food store would have several options.

Best of luck to you.

#27943 - 09/16/11 10:32 AM Re: yeast infections [Re: Peachfuzz]

fyi - vodka is NOT calorie free - I wish! - vodka and other spirits have 80 to 90 calories per ounce and a half. It is also metabolised ahead of fat burning and restricts fat burning by 73%.

#28236 - 01/31/12 11:22 PM Re: yeast infections [Re: Becky]
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Well i have not experienced yeast infection yet so i have not any idea about it .


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