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#19573 - 02/22/06 12:12 AM what has woked for me (face)
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continuing from my last post

face; for my face i use a green scouring spoung in the shower(i use the scotch brand its more durable and last longer)it gets off the thicker flakes. every night i apply a product called pretty hands and feet which causes a layer of dead skin to literally roll off. when i use the pretty hands and feet i have this thing by revlon that has a facial brush on it that moves in circular motions and in the morning i use a microdebrasion kit that i got from longs it

down side; its alot of stuff to do and different products. they will dry out your skin if you don't put your moisterizers on. it seems like alot but its worth it my face is almost totally cleared except for my redness but i can easily cover it up with make up because my face is so smooth

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Isn't it awesome to find something that works!
I found it's best for me to us Mary Kay products on my face-my fave is the Microdermabrasion set. I've had a lot of compliments since I started using it. Also, Mary Kay's Day Radiance Cream Foundation is the ONLY foundation I've found that works on my skin with all the lotions underneath. Max Factor cream makeup is a close second, but no where near as good as MK.

In the shower, I wash with the Timewise Normal to Dry cleanser, then scrub up (every day) with the Microdermabrasion beads--even though the pkg says to only use it 2-3 times a week! Then, first I put on the Microdermabrasion step 2 (some kind of soothing/smoothing lotion), the MK Day Solution (has SPF 15 in it & will soon be moving up to SPF 25), the Timewise Normal To Dry Facial Moisturizer, and a light layer of Vaseline to seal everything in. Then I apply my MK Eye Primer (keeps my eye shadow from creasing), followed by Day Radiance foundation (in Fawn Beige!) using a makeup sponge. Follow this up with my bronzing powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, eye liner, 2 or 3 eye colors, lip outliner (keeps lipstick on my lips instead of bleeding to around my lips), lip liner, lipstick, and finally lip gloss. Top off with eyelash curler and mascara.

Believe it or not, it took me longer to type out my routine than it does to actually DO it!

At night, I take off my eye makeup with a cotton ball & MK's Eye Makeup Remover, wash with Timewise Normal to Dry cleanser again, follow up with MK Night Solution, the Timewise Normal to Dry Facial Moisturizer, and lock it all in with a layer of Vaseline!
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