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#19570 - 02/21/06 09:09 PM what has work for me (scalp)
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i'm 17 and new to the board. i have done alot of experimenting for my time and i would like to share what has worked for me. my skin is real thick in most places so some ideas are recomened to others with thick skin but some thing will work for for all i will be posting up different ideas as much as possible but internet acsses is hard for me right now please let me know how they work for you

scalp;every couple of monthes i heavly grease my scalp and let it sit for a day or two. by then the grease has lifted the flakes on my scalp and is easy to lift witha comb. downside; hair is really greasy i usuall wrap my hair in a scarf and the grease is hard to wash out but i just wash my hair withe a good shampoo 2-3 times after i get the skin off. i use blue majic grease which can be found at most drug stores in the hair care section

#19571 - 02/22/06 03:40 AM Re: what has work for me (scalp)
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I don't really have to mess with my scalp much anymore.

I just wash my hair in the morning with Tresseme Anti-Breakage shampoo and follow up w/ the same type of conditioner & towel dry it. My hair is so fine, I let it air dry while I go eat breakfast. After I eat, I spray some volumizer at the roots and blow dry. Then I get out my big 'ol fat curling iron & flip my ends out or under, depending on my mood!

The only time I have a problem is if I can't wash my hair every day, then I get really flaky. Perms aren't very good for my scalp, either! Although I've never had a problem with hair color, permanent or otherwise--except this time I used red Kool-aid to put a red streak in my hair and it did not wash out as expected! [img][/img]
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I grease my dd and sons scalp with blue magic or some other grease that i have added 10 drops of melaleuca t36 oil in. I wash there hair melaleuca naturals shampoo. With us being african american it's not a problem with us using the grease in our hair.


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