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#19508 - 06/07/05 05:09 PM Age and Weight Gain
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Hello Ladies,
I just turned 33 and I have found that my normally high metabolism has slowed down and that I am gaining weight!
The weight seems to have a negative impact on my skin. It seems to get rougher and more painful as I carry more around.
Any ideas? I hate working out because the sweat gets into the cracks and stings.
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#19509 - 06/08/05 03:05 AM Re: Age and Weight Gain
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Sounds like you should have your thyroid checked. One of the symptoms is weight gain and a slower metabolism, plus dry skin.
I recently had mine checked and once I got help for it, the weight just fell off, and I had more energy. My skin even improved a little, but I am also using flax seed oil which is helpful for me.
It's a TSH test that you would need...Thyroid Stimulating Hormone for Low Thyroid function.
Hopefully, this info is helpful.

#19510 - 06/09/05 12:20 AM Re: Age and Weight Gain
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Hey Sarah!
What type of ich do you have? I have LI & I don't sweat, but I overheat easily. I still found that the Curves workout works great b/c I don't get overly hot & most of the ladies there don't sweat during their workout (they come in for 1/2 hour on their lunch breaks). Before I got pregnant, I lost 10 lbs, 12 inches, and got down to a size 5 and I felt great. Apparently my husband thought I looked great, too, b/c after a year of going to Curves, I got pregnant! lol

And I did not change my diet or anything. The only thing I did was go to Curves for 1/2 hour 3 times a week & I lost those pounds. And I didn't think I had any to lose!

If that doesn't work, try water aerobics. The water will rinse away any and all sweat, plus keep you cool!
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#19511 - 04/11/06 08:20 PM Re: Age and Weight Gain
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I hit my late 20's and my oh so fast metabolism decided it was tired. Start watching what you eat in terms of eating in moderation instead of however much you want of whatever you want. I am not a fan of traditional diets as I tried them and ended up binging. So... now I eat what i want, I just watch how much of it I eat. I have managed to lose about 20 lbs. but still need to lose another 30 or so.

As to exercise, just take it slow. You need to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes three times a week, but that could just mean taking a walk around the neighborhood. It doesn't mean doing aerobics till you're all sweaty and exhausted and uncomfortable.

I heard an approach that really made sense to me. I'm trying it and thus far is works. Set your goals, but take baby steps to get there. Forward progress at any rate is good progress, so to keep yourself going without being overwhelmed - just take small steps. The more you push and force yourself, the harder you are making it for yourself to be succesful. Any progress is good, so don't belittle it, no matter how tiny.

And yes, Curves sounds great to me, too. I keep thinking that would be a good thing for me to do. My stepmama went there and really enjoyed it and lost a ton of weight. She says it's a very non-judgmental and supportive environment.
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#19512 - 07/17/06 06:28 AM Re: Age and Weight Gain
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Im 34 too and apart from slow metabolism I have been experiencing digestive problems too.They are heartburns and acidity and I just feel too scared to even look at food now. My doctor put me on generic nexium which has helped me incidentally but in a gradual manner and I feel much better with this. Have any of you felt like this too.


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