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#27805 - 07/12/11 02:20 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: mrtwisties]
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In my opinion dry skin is far more better than oily one.

#27806 - 07/12/11 11:37 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: mrtwisties]
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There's dry and then there's so dry that it permanently itches and cracks. Sometimes I think give me oily skin any day!

The sea really helps my skin too. I'll often leave the salt on my skin for ages without washing it off, even overnight (although that does get salt in my sheets :P The best is if I've got fabric holding it close to my skin and the moisture in for a while - swimsuits and rash shirts etc.

Now I miss summer frown It's winter here in Australia and my skin hates it.

#27966 - 09/26/11 12:13 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: kitten]
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Hi I know at one of the conferences I attended a male attendee mentioned that salt in his bath worked great so it makes sense salt water would help. I have Lamellar Icthyosis and used to live in Florida but the salt water made me itchy. Glad it helped though thats awesome!

#27988 - 10/20/11 06:12 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: kitten]
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I think different skin need different care like some one have skin which is suitable for winter. personally i have oily skin and its well for winter . i use Latisse brand and know i feel better for both season....
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#28239 - 02/01/12 12:52 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: kitten]
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Hi all......

Well my skin has so much dryness and it also becomes dark in the summer season . But in winter it looks very good .

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