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#19278 - 04/07/02 09:09 PM My skin looks great!
kitten Offline

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This is really weird....
Ok, I have ichthyosis vulgaris. The only part of my body that I have to hide are my legs because they are scaly and scary to people who don't know about this disease.

Anyway, I don't know what I have been doing but my legs look great. You can barely see the scales.

Do you think it has something to do with being at the beach, laying out, rubbing sand on my legs, and playing in the ocean for a week? The effect was not instantaneous. It took a week or two for them to look like this.

Also, I've been using AmLactin a lot lately.

What do you guys do to make your scales look less noticable?

#19279 - 04/07/02 10:05 PM Re: My skin looks great!
Chandra Offline

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I couldn't say yea or nea as I have Lamellar Ichthy. I only have 2 bits to toss in, good for you if it works, and be careful about over exposure to the sun.

Have fun and toss around a beach ball for me!
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.

#19280 - 04/08/02 08:50 PM Re: My skin looks great!

I can tell you from personal experience that the ocean helps my skin tremendously. The longer I'm in it the better the results. I would also say that the amlactin is keeping the scales from growing back. The combination of both is probably the reason. Like Chandra said, watch out for the sun!

#19281 - 04/09/02 12:14 PM Re: My skin looks great!
Danusia Offline

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Ditto for me ... the combination of sun (just a bit of it) and water and salt / chlorine seems to do good things. I'll add my caution about overdoing the sun. Aside from the obvious problems that everyone faces with overexposure, I've found that my skin is actually worse in a week or two and the scales come back big time!

#25765 - 01/20/10 03:24 PM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: kitten]
uNappreciated Offline

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my scales are noticable but i've heard stories of how being in ocean water helps, i had used amlactin and it does help reduce scales it just takes time.i will try the ocean water theory soon, hopes it works like it did for you

#26029 - 03/19/10 09:57 PM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: uNappreciated]
Allie Offline

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I'm just reading all of your messages, and I find for me Ocean water, the sun, and chlorine is absolutely the worst thing for my skin. It makes it very dry and very itchy?

#26141 - 04/04/10 08:41 PM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: Allie]
j_24 Offline
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hiya am new hello to all.I have been sufferring from icythoyosis since i was 17-18 and am 25 now.My scales got visible as i grew.I wont say i was born with it,my skin was great when was younger and as a kid i did had dry skin but no signs of scales .It had become visible since last few years.I wont say i have the worst case cus the scales are just midly visible round my legs and specially down on my legs.I never knew earlier that i had this skin condition i always thought that i had severely drk skin.This skin problem has effected me socially ,i never show my legs off and am always cautious.I have my good days when the weather is humid otherwise the scales are so visible.Recently i have been told to use 2 creams...called.1 eucerin 2 calmurid.they contain lactic acid and urea which is helpful in exfoliating the skin..i think it did what it said as after using them creams for a week or so my skin started to peel off a lil dont know if thats normal.can anyone here reccomend me the oitments or treatments i can go through which can possibly make my scales less visible.i need desperate help.also if anyone knows if the creams i mentioned are of any good?

THANKS A TON.this site is very helpful.:)

#26596 - 07/07/10 03:26 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: j_24]
ghdfans2010 Offline
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haha! I have a good skin, too!
GHDcheap ghd

#27255 - 12/17/10 01:01 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: ghdfans2010]
anubhav Offline

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me too........

#27785 - 06/30/11 06:53 AM Re: My skin looks great! [Re: anubhav]
mrtwisties Offline
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hey kitten
im from australia usually in winter is the worst 4 ichthyosis
in summer a bit of sun and salt water and u will look like u never had the skin trouble but wait till the cold weather returns

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