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#19235 - 08/23/01 08:50 PM Would breast augmentation be different on ichthyosis patients
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I've been thinking about getting breast augmentation. Would the outcome of this surgery effect my skin condition differently than normal skin?? I have ithchyosis vulgaris. Is there something the doctor should know before considering an ichthyosis patient?? Is there something I should be aware of before doing this??

If anyone has had breast augmentation or thought of it, please tell me your experences or knowledge. I would like to know everything before making my decision.

Thank you

#19236 - 08/24/01 01:12 PM Re: Would breast augmentation be different on ichthyosis patients
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Well, I've not had breast augmentation nor have I seriously considered it for myself (a reduction, if anything, for me! [img][/img] ). Having said that, though, I had a couple of thoughts:

Plenty of people with ichthyosis (including very severe forms of ichthyosis) have gotten tattoos with no problem. The skin reacted pretty much just like "normal" skin would.

Maybe some of the mom's who have ichthyosis can chime in (I can't speak to this one from experience either!), but I think women with ichthyosis who've gone through a pregnancy did just fine (and I'm focusing on the expanding size of your belly and how your ichthyotic skin reacted to needing to stretch). I don't think they had any special issues due to their ichthyosis, and I seem to recall a mom with ichthyosis even talking about getting stretch marks.

All of that makes me think that having ichthyosis wouldn't pose any special problems if you wanted to have breast augmentation done. However, you definitely should bring it to your surgeon's attention and ask his thoughts (if he has any concerns, experience, etc).

Best of luck making your decision,


P.S. My cousin had breast augmentation done (she does not have ichthyosis). That's as close to a "personal" experience with augmentation as I've had. She personally has ended up very unhappy. The recovery from the surgery was much more painful than she expected, and I think she had a period of time where things were fine. However, after several months with the implants, her breasts became very uneven (both in relation to each other and within each breast itself), with varied hard and very tender/painful spots. Definitely has not been what she'd call "successful" and last I spoke with her, she was seriously considering having them removed.

I don't know what type of augmentation you're considering, but I'm sure you'll find lots of info on the web (good and bad...though I have a feeling you may find more "bad" stuff than good, just because people are more motivated to "warn" people about bad things than they are to get out there and talk, talk, talk about things that have gone just great for them).

Have fun making the decision--the decision process itself is sort of an adventure. Treat it like that, take your time, and whatever decision you make will be the right one for you.

#19237 - 08/27/01 12:12 AM Re: Would breast augmentation be different on ichthyosis patients
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Hello Tiffany,
I have often thought about that myself but after having 2 kids my stomach got pretty big and my skin did just fine. I was always worried about it craking open and bleeding but it did'nt it streched out just fine! I would think it would be the same way with breasts well i hope this helped a little!
sincerely melissa


#19238 - 08/30/01 09:46 AM Re: Would breast augmentation be different on ichthyosis patients
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No augmentation here either, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't have the surgery. The incision is so small it's unlikely to create problems with your skin.
The one thing I would wonder about is, personally, I am 31 and I have really dark scaly skin from the band of my bra. I have tried all different kinds and all that, but in the end, it's just there and I can't do anything about it. I don't know if it's because I am pretty top-heavy and have a lot to hold up, thus causing more weight and irritation?
Personally, if I was going to have it done, I would investigate this option:
A local radio station is following several local women who are using this and are quite pleased with the results.


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