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#19232 - 07/10/01 12:31 AM Flaky Skin.
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Good to read the messages.It seems maybe I have more of a problem than potential partners.The anxiety I invest in "cleaning up" after myself is huge especially in the work environment where every time I go to the loo I leave a pile of scale on the dark tiles.Friends/family are amazed at my dusting/vacumning/sweeping routines.The dust- buster has been a great invention! People tell me to loosen up but on this particular issue I do find it all abit of a challenge.
Cheers and thanks for listening.

#19233 - 07/10/01 12:51 PM Re: Flaky Skin.
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No, I'm totally the same. Well, in the past couple of years I've loosened up a bit. But I'm still pretty hyperactive when it comes to cleaning up. Maybe it's partly some subconscious desire on my part to be "normal?"

I have 3 vacuums at home actually! And I'm really lucky that the tile in the bathroom at work is a light color, so the scales just blend in [img][/img]

#19234 - 08/06/01 09:40 PM Re: Flaky Skin.
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I make a huge effort when it comes to shared areas in the workplace, but I stop when it comes to the floor in the bathroom at work. I make a supreme effort to make sure there's no flakies left on the toilet seat or there's none on the bathroom counter but that's it! If I'm sharing a desk, I'll make the effort, if not, I don't.

Frankly, I find my time better spent taking care of my health, being with my husband, friends and family. I clean the house regularly and thoroughly vacuum at least once a week (I'd like to do it daily but it rarely happens that way!) but that is it. I find that the less self conscious I am about it, the less self conscious others are.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.


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