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#19200 - 05/28/01 07:04 PM Pregnant carrier of X-linked ichthyosis
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I am a carrier for x-linked ichthyosis and have two sons who have the disorder. I have had never really gone into labor with any of my children and ended up with c-sections for all three (I have one girl, too!). Anyone know anything about a connection between inability to go into labor and being a carrier for (or carrying a baby with) x-linked ichthyosis? My Dr. mentioned something about not producing enough estriol (sp?) which apparently helps you go into labor.

#19201 - 05/29/01 04:58 AM Re: Pregnant carrier of X-linked ichthyosis
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Hello Vermont I am glad you posted this characteristic of X linked. My male cousin and I have X linked, inherited from my grandfather on my mother`s side of the family. My aunt and mother had the same reactions in not going into labor.Both had to have C-sections after doctors waited for an extended period, not knowing the correlation of X linked and lack of labor.Thanks to better education that doctors can now be prepared in advance to know what to do in these circumstances. By for now Vermont.
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