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#19194 - 02/12/01 06:30 AM Surgery?
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I have ichthyosis vulgaris. The scales are worst on my legs. Does anyone know if any cosmetic surgery can correct this? Probably not, huh? I'm so desperate.

What do you ladies do in the summer time? I wear long dresses or pants. It really stinks.

Also- what is the best lotion to use?

#19195 - 02/15/01 04:37 PM Re: Surgery?
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There is no real surgical procedure for removing Ichthyosis specifically. I know a few people here who have had some precedures like dermabrasion to remove layers of skin, but I don't know how well that worked.
I am considering having a tummy tuck, not so much to remove fat, but to remove the painful line of skin around my waist.
The doctor will simply cut that part out around my waist and pull the rest of my skin together to create a new, scale free waist. The fact that I come out of it thinner for the process is just a bonus. I know that the skin will come back, but it will take years for that to happen, and this time I will be prepared!
Most plastic surgeons will do a free consult, so make an appointment and show the doctor your trouble areas and see what they recommend. It certainly can't hurt!

#19196 - 02/28/01 03:46 PM Re: Surgery?
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Hello there,

In the summer I usually wear long skirts or dresses like you do. Sometimes Iwear a short skirt with a fishnet-pantyhose in a light color (usually with a summer-pantyhose underneath). It makes you look less 'clothed to warm for the summer' and the fishnets really camouflage the scales. I also wear a lot of lace for the same reason. It covers the scales, but it's not as warm as the whole fabric (and it looks terrific) [img][/img]
Sometimes I go out with bare legs and/or a t-shirt, but most of the time I'm not 'brave' enough [img][/img]

#19197 - 09/18/01 04:35 PM Re: Surgery?
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Here are some things for you to try for your legs that have worked well for other people. Also look on this site at treatments. When you bathe, add a cup of salt. It softens the skin quicker so that it will rub off in the tub and helps the skin retain moisture longer after bathing. Try using a good alpha hydroxy based lotion like Lac-Hydrin or amlactin. Then over that if that is not totally fixing it, add a layer of aquaphor or other heavy moisturizer. Some people also have good results with Aqua Glycolic lotion, or PDS regular or extra strength cream ( with vulgaris you should try the regular strenth first, the extra strength is really meant for more severe scaling). HOpe this helps. ELise


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