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#19181 - 11/23/00 06:45 PM Esthetic services
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Have any of you ladies been so bold as to try facials or other services such as manicures/pedicures? Are there any facial treatments that could be helpful? As for manicures and such, I've often longed to have one, but am always stopped in my tracks when I consider how appalled the esthetician would be to see the skin on my hands -- they tend to assume you just don't take enough time with your appearance!

#19182 - 11/27/00 09:49 PM Re: Esthetic services
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Not at all! I have had lots of facials and manicures and whatnot, and the techs who work on me see me as an interesting new challenge.
I am careful to explain my condition, but you must remember most of these techs have been to school and studied skin and diseases of the skin and nails, and are more accepting of ichthyosis than most of the health professionals I have dealt with!
Once they know what it is, and what things have helped or hurt your skin, they are usually quite eager to try out new products or techniques.
I have had several Adrian Arpel facials, and they have some interesting vegetable products that you massage into your skin, and keep massaging in until it turns dry and basically sloughs off the skin. I don't bother to buy the product since it works so much better when someone else does it, so I just go in and let the consultants work on me.
By all means, get a facial, talk to a manicurist, and don't deprive yourself of some pampering!

#19183 - 11/28/00 01:21 AM Re: Esthetic services
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I've had nothing but good experiences, similar to Glori's. Same here--you go girl, get pampered! You should meet well-educated, sensitive professionals who will take good care of you.

#19184 - 11/29/00 11:31 PM Re: Esthetic services
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Until I moved from So Calif to No Carolina I got my nails done every other week with no problems. I had an experience once where the manacurist refused to do me, but mostly they're up to the challenge. I had to quit getting them done when I moved to NC do to the fact that I got a bad fungus under 8 of my nails. I don't know if it was lack of cleanliness on the salons part(they looked clean) or the humidity here in the south or maybe a combination of both. Get a facial & your nails done & while your at it, get a chair massage as well!!! We deserve to be pampered on a regular basis!!


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