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#19171 - 11/14/00 03:31 AM Pantyhose and Runs
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Hi Ladies,

Another question. Do you have problems with runs in your stockings? Of course, all women have this problem, but I figure that we would have more of a problem for obvious reasons. I used to wear the little stocking footies and then put my pantyhose on top. This worked, but I haven't been able to find them in the store in awhile. So what do you do?

#19172 - 11/14/00 09:12 PM Re: Pantyhose and Runs
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This is kind of where the sandpaper helps me out. I smooth all the rough patches the night before with sandpaper, use lotion, and the next morning my hose go on easier with no snagging.

#19173 - 12/06/00 11:11 PM Re: Pantyhose and Runs
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I wear tights instead of hose. I'll shred a pair of hose just by putting them on. Partly because of my skin, partly 'cause I'm a klutz. The tights last much longer, and are warmer (great in winter!) and don't tend to discolor as easily from lotion/ointment as hose can. Don't forget about thigh high "tights" too. There are a lot of tights out there now, they don't just make them for little girls anymore or superheroes for that matter [img][/img]
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