Oh dear, Jennifer...I am no expert on the intricacies about Ichthyosis...

It actually comes under a heading MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS in DOWN SYNDROME

and one of the subheadings are Skin conditions...

NOTE: the introduction to all the subheadings says "possible complications"...so doesn't mean that it will happen...

Hoever there is a table listing all the common complications, and skin conditions says it occurs in 50% of the people...

YEAH THIS BOOK IS GREAT...I love stuff on the human body...

PART ONE As Life Begins
1. Understanding Your Chromosomes
2. Heredity: A toss of the dice
3. Birth Defects: prenatal diagnosis, and fetal therapy
4. Growth before birth
5. Having a baby: birth process
6. The first weeks of life
7. Born too soon, Born too small

PART TWO The Developing Child
8. Substance abuse: preventable threat
9. HIV and AIDS from mother to child
10. Nutrition: good and bad
11. Vision: our window to the world
12. Hearing: sounds and silences
13. Language: a code for communicating
14. Brain and Nervous system
15. Muscles, bone and nerves: the body's framework

PART THREE Developmental Disabilities
16. Mental Retardation
17. Down Syndrome
18. Fragile X syndrome
19. PKU and other inborn errors of metabolism
20. Dual Diagnosis: Mental Retardation & Psychiatric Disorders
21. Autism: and other pervasive developmental disorders
22. ADHD
23. Learning disabilities
24. Cerebral Palsy
25. Neural Tube Defects (spina bifida)
26. Siezure Disorders
27. Traumatic Brain Injury

PART FOUR Intervention, families, and outcomes
28. Feeding
29. Dental Care - beyond brushing & flossing
30. Behaviour Management: promoting adaptive behaviour
31. Technological assistance: innovations for independence
32. Rehab Interventions: physical and Occupational therapy
33. Ethical Choices: Questions and Care...(all to do with genetics, and termination etc...)
34. Caring and Coping: The family of a child with D
35. Adulthood: What the future holds
36. Providing Health care in 21st Century

Love Pauline