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#17117 - 03/13/08 08:53 PM Another Update
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Well I finally got a hold of The Corpus Christi Housing Authorities.. And told them all of what was going on. At first they told me it would take weeks to get approval to get someone to come and in and spray everything.
I stressed the importance of my skin and health issues to me and my kids.. Later that day they had a terminator come in and spray.. I had to leave for the night because the guy soaked walls and beds.. I was nervous when i got home because doctors almost had me convinced that it was my skin evolving.. Amazingly enough I slept all night last night for the first time since Christmas.. I woke up when the alarm went off and felt GREAT! It truly shocked me when I noticed how much better I felt after getting a good nights rest. I guess i was just going along on pure addrenaline all these months.. but today i have a spring in my step.. I am soo very happy. thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.. It has truly blessed me to be able to talk it all out.. Thank you again.

#17118 - 03/13/08 10:01 PM Re: Another Update
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oh I am so happy for you... I had a time back in the summer when i could not sleep because of itch... I was misarable and quite depressed, so I can empathizes with how much better you feel now that you can sleep. I am happy things are looking better for you [img][/img]

#17119 - 03/13/08 10:33 PM Re: Another Update
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Did they determine what bug in particular was causing the issues? Even though like I posted, my family is getting better, I still think there is something "wrong" with Evan's skin and to be honest mine that is different and undiagnosed.
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