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#17074 - 11/19/07 12:15 AM I want to stretch me!!
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You know I have 12 years, and my mother never let me take classes in ballet, or artistic gymnastics, finally nothing that require a lot of elasticity of the body because the skin.
I wanted to know if these sports really affect the skin by increasing the cracks and paining.

Please help me because I am passionate about these sports and I convince my mother that I can do lost

Emelly from Brazil.

#17075 - 11/19/07 12:43 AM Re: I want to stretch me!!
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Hi Emelly,
My son is 8 years old with EHK and he goes swimming, boys gymnastics and tae kwon do. He has never complained about any pain from the stretching exercises. He also loves to ride his scooter. I try not to let EHK prevent him from participating in anything he is interested in. The only thing I watch out for is making sure he doesn't overheat. He knows to wear a cooling vest when he feels warm or if the instructors see that he is turning pink. Your mom is probably worried that you will get hurt. I think as long as you keep your skin well moisturized, it should minimize any skin cracks. Maybe your mom can let you try it on a trial basis. I hope your mom will reconsider and let you try ballet and gymnastics. Good luck.

#17076 - 11/19/07 02:02 PM Re: I want to stretch me!!
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I am now 40 years old(ok, I said it out loud) and as a child I did ballet, gymnastics and played rec and high school soccer. I believe doing these things helped with my flexibilty. As a young child I had trouble sitting indian style on the floor. It hurt badly behind my knees. Well my families solution was to sign me up for ballet which I took for 6 years. I also did two years of gymnastics. The only thing I had problems with was the uneven bars and blisters. I still did them, but not to the degree of difficulty as others.
As an adult I am still pretty flexible, arthritis has decided to be my friend though due to some soccer injuries.
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Hola, Emelly! Cuomo estas? [img][/img]

My Portuguese is a bit rusty, so I'll stick to English for now.

I'm not affected, but my children are. I am currently taking a beginning ballet class and was a gymnast in high school. I also took karate way back when. Having those experiences, I'd say that what you can do really depends on what you can tolerate, not what your mom says.

My sons' biggest problems are their hands and feet - any kind of pressure causes big cracks in the heels and palms. Because of that, I don't ever see them playing contact sports like basketball or American football. Also, all the running and jumping would aggravate the skin, so track and gymnastics aren't realistic. However, I would happily enroll my children in ballet or jazz, so long as they could wear jazz shoes, not ballet slippers.

One thing that helps my boys is taking a shower immediately before and after activities that we know will stress the cracking.

Personally, I'd start with ballet - it is mostly about stretching gently, not so much hard landings and rolling and whatnot like gymnastics. In my town, we have classes offered through the city park district which are short terms and pretty cheap for residents - much cheaper than signing up at a full-time studio. If you have something like that, you might be able to try it out before committing to something beyond your capabilities. If not, call a few studios. Some offer a trial free or reduced-fee class or two, or would make an exception for you upon hearing your situation.
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Hi Emelly,

When I was young I did ballet, jazz, Irish dancing, horseback riding and all sorts of winter sports as well.

Sometimes I couldn't bend my knees or elbows as much as the other kids but it didn't hurt. It didn't cause cracking or blistering and it did improve my flexibility.

Hope this helps during your chat with your mum,

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PLEASE go out for sports! I'm 20 years old and I have NEVER been able to try any type of sport. My mom was afraid that I would get hurt since my skin is fragile so I spent my time on the sidelines. It is not fun and I would still get hurt because you can't control everything. For me, my joints do hurt when I stretch but I'd think it would be worth it for all the joy you'll get.

Best of luck and I hope she changes her mind!!


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