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#17071 - 11/09/07 12:24 AM vitamin A
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Hi everyone! My son (7 months old) has EHK inherited. He recently began to break out in blisters in areas where we have not seen them in a long while. Coincidentally he began eating the baby food stage 1 around the same time. He actually was eating carrots which are very high in vitamin A. This is in addition to a multivitamin daily along with whatever is in his formula. Have any of you ever noticed your skin "act up" when you consume higher quantities of vitamin A? I was just curious if this was actually a possible trigger or if its the weather or some other reason that could have contributed to the break out. We have tried to take the higher vitamin A's foods out of his diet, but then that eliminates nearly all of the vegetables at this stage of the game. We have seen a slight improvement, but wanted to know if any one else has had similar experiences.

One other note- I have made similar observations with my own skin, but since I have been taking Soriatane for about 8 years now, the vitamin A might contribute differently to the EHK.

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At the FIRST conference in Atlanta there was a discussion group about Retnoids which included a discussion about soriatane and accutane. They also mentioned that medical researchers have found a link to Vitamin A and the Skin, they just aren't sure exactly what the cause and effects are yet, especially regarding situations such as Ichthyosis.

Anyways, My understanding is that Soriatane and Accutane are basically Synthetic forms of Vitamin A. In other words, high dosages of Vitamin A. That is why on the labels for those meds it recommends not taking Vit A supplements so that you don't "overdose" on Vit A.
I think there is probably a link between the baby food and the problems your son is having, regarding Vit A, it could just be that initial phase, like when starting Soritane, where the outer layer peels off. Sounds like you need to talk to dermatologist to see if that may be what is happening.

Good luck

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I was going to say exactly what Jason did.. perhaps all Canadians do think alike (ha ha).

While I don't think anyone knows what the link is there is definitely a correlation and probably some level of causation. We all consume Vit A in our diets and perhaps your son just has to go through a stage of becoming accustomed to it. Are you able to ask your parents if they remember anything happening with you?
I'll try to find out from my Mum if there was a change for me - I'll let you know what I find out.


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