Hi everyone,

I just need to vent a bit. I am sure some of you probably know that my Emma has a real problem with scale build up on her scalp. It makes her hair stick to head and clump together. Well, today we tried again to get some of it out. I put the P&S Oil on her head for a while, then washed it out, then sat her down and went to work. I bought a Lice comb, and I also have a fine-tooth comb. She cries, and tells me how much it hurts. I really think that I pull it softly and I know that sometimes I get a good clumo and pull out her hair. It just makes me so sad and then I start to feel bad for Emma again. I know this isn't horrible, she could have serious health issues, that this part is cosmetic. But my poor baby. Thanks for hearing me out. Any tips would really be appreciated. Lisa