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#16885 - 10/09/06 01:05 AM Scalp Scale
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Hi everyone,

I haven't been posting in a looong time. Not that I have anything under control, just that I can't post at work, only read. Nights are crazy at home, so I don't get on the computer much. My Emma has EKH and is just over 2. Our biggest battle right now is her hair. Her scalp is covered in scale. She HATES me touching it...probably why I haven't been able to get much off. Can you tell me exactly what you do and what products are being used? Step by step instructions? I tried putting oil on her scalp, covered it with a shower cap plus another cap, and left that on for about 5 hours. I then put her in the tub, and attempted to comb/pick out the scales. She cried and told me it "really hurts". So, of course I stopped and her hair isn't getting any better. I am afraid the scale will impede hair growth. Can anyone help? Thank you very much!


#16886 - 10/10/06 07:27 PM Re: Scalp Scale
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Hi Lisa,

Our 15 month old has palmar plantar EHK. Our head routine is as follows. We conditionhis hair every other day with Neutragena Triple Moisturizer Conditioner. We do not knock ourselves out getting the conditioner out. Once a week, we put olive oil on his scalp at bedtime and in the morning we wash his hair with a mild baby shampoo, then when the conditoner is in, we comb thru with a baby comb. This pulls the scales off remarkable well.

Best Wishes!

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I remember that time oh so well, I hated my mum getting the scale out of my scalp...don't remember what she put on it, but suspect it was parrafin oil, as she would bath my whole body in it...

One tip she had was to keep my hair relatively short...I always looked like a boy...made it less knotty and painful for me i guess...and easier for her to find scale and drag through the hair with the comb...

Nowadays, the longer that the scalp is immersed in hot water, the softer it it combs out much easier...less drag on scalp, hence less painful...


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