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#16811 - 02/07/06 10:14 PM Constrictive Finger Bands
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I was wondering if anyone else with EHK has experienced tightened bands of skin around the joints of their fingers? I have had them and they at times are quite painful. The only thing the derms have recommended is taking Soriataine, but I took Acutane when I was younger and I have experienced some of the more severe side affects. So I don't really think it is an option for me. I have had numerous surgeries to release the bands, but due to our skin healing so quickly they come back. However, in November a different surgical procedure was performed that appears to be successful.( I am scared to say that loudly) Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. Thanks Kacy
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#16812 - 02/13/06 02:41 AM Re: Constrictive Finger Bands
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Brian doesn't have the banding, but the skin dries out over the course of the day, leaving his hands contracted. Over 30 years of this, he now has ulnar deviation in his middle fingers and pinkie.

Do your bands crack and bleed?
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My daughter doesn't have EHK she has Lamellar Ich, but she does get the tight bands around her fingers. They get so tight that the skin will split open if I don't get them off. We use Tazorac once a week on her and it seems to help a bit, but she still gets some bands so I have to peel them off.

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