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#16777 - 08/16/05 06:41 PM foot blisters
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My son Chris was born with EHK. He is now 25 years old. He is doing fine but he has a reoccuring problem we need some help with. If he is on his feet for long periods, he gets these "huge" blisters on the sides of his feet below his angle bone and across his toes. Of course these burst and just raw skin shows, thus being very painful. Then he can't get his shoes on in order to go to work, therefore missing days. Anyone out there that can help, I'd appreciate it....

#16778 - 08/25/05 07:31 AM Re: foot blisters
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When my daughter Karlijn (she is only 3 yaers old, though) has those raw patches I cover them with Mepitel, which is a silicone coated wound contact layer, kept in place with some tuular retention bandage (a bit tricky on the toes, I know, it tends to slip of. But then the socks will keep it in place too (very similar to tubular bandages, come to think about it.)) This acts as a sort of second skin and reduces the pain a lot. I don't know whether it will help if your son is wearing his shoes all day. Karlijn always wears slippers to her playgroup, even when playing outdoors. However, I don't suppose that's an option when you're 25 years old. The silicone layer is normally used for burns and it doesn't stick on the raw patches. We simply love it! If you are not familiar with it it's absolutely worth a try!
Maaike and Karlijn

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Im not sure about what you guys have tried, regarding feet. For me, I find it critical to prevent the infections before they occur. I have worked at jobs that required walking all day, and my feet did ok, although there was exceptions. Loose shoes and socks as well as changing socks regularly is important. Another thing I would try to do is to take a break if I could feel my feet getting tired. Either sitting down for 30 mins and/or changing into another pair of shoes seemed to help prolong the day. If my feet get really sore after a long day, I will soak them in the tub for 15 minutes with warm water and salt.


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We got a cream from my daughter's dermatologist called Bactoban. She sometimes gets blisters on her feet when her shoes rub her the wrong way- especially in the hot weather and her feet sweat. Anyway this cream is wonderful. I can put it on her blisters or cracks on the bottoms of her toes and by the morning time they look much better and within 2 days GONE! It's a prescription but its similar to Neosporin but I think it works 100X better.

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Gee, I almost didn't get to reply to this, it has been so long since I have been here, that I FORGOT HOW TO REPLY, COULDN'T FIND THE BUTTON ANYWHERE...until now

I also have EHK palmoplanter version, which means very thick palms and soles...

I find a few things influence how badly my feet will blister...

I can't wear lose shoes, which cause friction on my skin, and I mainly wear runners, shoes has always been an almost impossibility for me, especially women's shoes...and the runners has only recently become a possiblitiy, most of life in slippers, or cotton booties, which were made especially.

I also find the more weight I have on then the more likely to blister...especially around the ankles ad lower legs...

most of the time I drive a scooter for prolonged periods of walking.

As someone else said here, resting in between walks is very helpful, as I believe it gives the feet time to cool down, and provided you have them elevated during rest times, it will also reduce the inflammation/fluid.

My mum used to always soak my feet in salt water, while they were swollen and blistered, but I personally found that it only made then more waterlogged, and I preferred to just get them up into bed.

If any of you have the thick calloused feet, I suggest trying to keep the thickness down from the sides, as it can keep the heat in the feet...on the other hand, the thickness under the feet is very important to keep sufficient layer/cusioning there, to make walking on hard surfaces more bearable...and funnily enough LESS BLISTERING...

Hope this helps, and hasn't just told you what you already knew...



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