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#16678 - 10/14/04 06:00 AM Raptiva
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Has any one heard of this new drug that has been approved in USA and is waiting for a launch here in Aust.It is a drug for Psoriasis that acts on bodies T-cells which are stimulated by the disesase and go into overdrive,causing the body to churn out too many skin cells...which is sort of what EHK does but I'm not sure if it the same mechanism of oversupply of skin in EHK.It appears that Raptiva switches off the part of the T-cells that causes the problem,but doesn't shut down the body's immune system entirely.
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EHK has a totally different mechanism. Psoriasis kicks in when the T cells try to defend against a nonexistent invader, making the skin grow because the T cells release growth chemicals.

In EHK, the problem is that the skin grows too fast and the problem is in the 2nd to top layer of the skin, the granular layer. There is a protein in those cells called keratohyalin and we are missing one or both of the enzymes that converts the protein to keratin, which is the stuff that makes normal skin waxy and waterproof.

I don't think Raptiva will be a big help for us.

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